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Saturday, September 14, 2019 2:54:33 PM

Then again, Manny Pacquiao isn't your typical challenger. For starters, the Filipino39 KOs is a legend of the sport, a world champion in an unprecedented eight divisions who has beaten some of the best boxers of his generation. Also, thanks to boxing's patchwork quilt of sanctioning organizations and championship hierarchies, Pacquiao is technically a welterweight world champion going into Saturday night's pay-per-view fight against Keith "One Time" Thurman.

Pacquiao vs Thurman full fight highlight


Round 2 Combination by Pacquiao, right hook by Thurman, Thurman running away Pacquao urges him to come forward,bodyshot by Pacquiao, Right hook by Pacquiao combination by Pacquiao, Round 3 Jabs by Pacquiao, bodyshot by Pacquuiao, Hard left by Pacquiao, hard right hook landed by Pacquiao, left hook to the body landed by Thurman, Hard bodyshyot by Thurman, another good combination by Pacquiao, Round 4 Bodyshot by Thurman, Combination by Pacquiao, hard bodyshots by Pacquiao, bodyshot by Thurman, another combination by Pacquiao, bodyshots by Thurman, Pacquiao counter him with combination, right hook by Pacquiao, bodyshots by Pacquiao, Combination by Pacuquiao, Thurman ended the round with bodyshot.

Round 5 Bodyshot by Thurman, uppercut by Pacquiao, combination by Thurman, hard right jab by Pacquiao, bodyshots by Pacquiao, Right hook by thurman, Right hook by Pacquiao, combination again by Pacquiao, combination again by Pacquiao, left jab landed for thurman, hard right hook by Pacquiao,bodyshot by Pacquiao, Thurman is bloodied now.

Round 6 Bodyshot by Thurman, bodyshot again by Thurman, Straight left landed for Pacquiuao, Combinaiton by Thurman, Right jab hard left landed for Pacquiao, Quick left jab landed by Thurman, nice right hand by Thurman, hard left by Pacquiao, hard right hook by Pacquiao, combination by Pacquiao again, Thurman landed good combination to end the round, Round 7 Pacquiao started the round with combination, left straight landed for Pacquiao, Quick jab landed by Pacquiao, Thurman caught Pacquiao with counter right hook, double left landed by Pacquiao, hard left landed by Pacquiao, Good combination by Thurman, good right uppercut by Pacquiao, Thurman answered with hard right hand.

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