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You can apply to join one of the top recruiting networks by clicking on the parent or athlete button above. It is your responsibility to get the coaches attention by emailing themcalling them or by joining online recruiting networks.

In summary, we found more than 5, reviews with an average star rating of 4. See below for more details.

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Below we summarize the reviews of NCSA and explain what we saw from parents, athletes and college coaches. The recruiting tools save time for busy families — A large number of parents said having all recruiting information in one place saved them a lot of time in researching colleges.

Finding more colleges — A large number of parents said that NCSA helped them find more schools than they previously knew existed. Maximizing opportunities for financial aid — Parents also mentioned that they learned how to find scholarship money in the form of athletic scholarships, grant, aid and other awards for their student-athletes.

NCSA Reviews. Athletic Recruiting Sites Under the Spotlight.

The most important thing when considering NCSA is to make sure your athlete really wants to be a college athlete. Families may also cancel if the athlete has a career-ending injury. Some parents were unhappy that they ultimately chose a school they had been in contact with before using NCSA— Some parents mentioned being frustrated that after signing up for NCSA, their athlete still ended up at a school they had connected with on their own.

Why Student-Athletes Like NCSA Recruiting Coaches serve as someone to talk to who knows the process — Many student-athletes said they most enjoyed the direct communication they had with their recruiting coach.

22 Recruiting Myths College Prospects Need to Know

Encouragement in the face of challenges — Many of the athletes said that NCSA was great for helping them get over the temporary setbacks during the recruiting process. Why College Coaches Like NCSA College coaches like being able to find more prospects and recruit nationwide — The majority of college coaches say that NCSA allows them to find more prospects than they could without a digital recruiting network.

A question we hear about the college recruiting process is whether a student-athlete should trust paid recruiting services like NCSA, often because a careful search can come up with some strange reviews of NCSA.

While some paid recruiting services are smaller, local-based companies, national recruiting services like NCSA can help you find opportunities outside of your regional colleges and universities.

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When reading reviews of NCSA, most of the reviews focus on the experience of individual users. We did a lot of research to see if NCSA is a legitimate business and here is what we found.

We found some press releases from the past several years showcasing some of their partnerships. When you are a paid member of NCSA, you are working very closely with their recruiting experts and when employees are happy, they are more likely to provide better service.

It appears that employees really like working for NCSA. Complaints to consumer organization like the Better Business Bureau BBB are invariably from athletes and parents who did not get the result they wanted.

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NCSA reviews that you read online should be read in context. Additionally, paid services like NCSA offer step-by-step education, resources and one-on-one consultations about your recruiting process.

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A lot of student-athletes benefit from online coaching clinics where NCSA reviews specifics of the college recruiting process and all of the intricate details of the NCAA regulations.

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