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Early years[ edit ] Pavel Shishkin was born in Moscow to a couple of scientists.


My sleeping place became something between torture rack and Ilizarov apparatus. I tried to lengthen my spine in any possible way. When riding in the trolley bus — drew myself up to the hand-rail.

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Maybe that all was merely a delusion, but I was cm tall and then reached And completely cold. The first couple of matches he was watching the game from the bench, but still fielded when the situation got critical.

Pavel Shishkin

Only later the disease was cured by the means of alternative medicine. Only at the very end of my career the rules were changed and the games grew shorter.

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Before those alterations a game could rarely last less than an hour, it could happen only if the opponent turned out to be really weak. But usually a match would last at least a couple of hours. He was also ranked one of six leading players of the tournament.

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Volleyball Federation of Russia named him the 16th of best players between years —, scoring points and winning serves. In an interview for RBK Daily Shishkin recalls closing the restaurant's first thing upon receiving the MBA, because they needed significant investments with relatively low income.

Founded in , the enterprise was licensed for conducting open biddings for municipal property sales and land leasing in Moscow. By its annual turnover nearly reached 1. In two companies jointly acquired 4.

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  • Pasqyra e shtypit sot.
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The original projects implied no new construction, only repairs and reconstruction of the historical buildings [62]. The partners planned to redevelop the site into a multifunctional complex with a modern arts museum, office and residential premises, a park, and public spaces [69].

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The Museum of Russian impressionism was opened later the same year. Upon completion of the works, O1 Properties proposed to partly alter the initial project, constructing new apartment buildings.

In after series of negotiations Tactics Group sold its share to the former partner and withdrew from the project.

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