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Saturday, September 14, 2019 5:37:07 PM

There's a simple, picture-based interface, which means that your kids shouldn't be badgering you for help all the time. There are thousands of episodes to choose from, with plenty of content for kids of all ages, from babies up to teens. Parental controls mean you can choose what your kids are able to watch. However, the lack of Disney channels may leave some customers disappointed.

NOW TV beats Sky with a major new upgrade that's available today

Sky Sports action picture quality

Whereas the cap used to be on four devices — TVs, phones, laptops or tablets — it is now possible for Now TV customers to share the love across two extra screens.

For big families, though, having six devices on a go that are capable of accessing the same account could be a lifesaver.

Now TV to offer Full HD streams

Now TV is the answer. This distinct way of sectioning up content means you can have a Netflix account and Amazon Prime Video account for shows, but use a Now TV Cinema Pass to gain access to some of the latest and greatest films.

You could use the Entertainment Pass for a month or two to binge-watch a series or two or take out a Sports Pass to watch a specific game or event.

A Guide to Now TV Prices, Passes and Packages

As previously stated, they're something different to Now TV. Admittedly things start off on the back foot as Now TV has nowhere near the same size library as Netflix or Prime Video.

Now TV is also divided up differently to both Netflix and Prime Video as it provides the same open-ended box set-style viewing, but also offers a live TV catch-up option. It all depends on those shows being on the platform at the right time, however, as series will only stay for fixed periods of time; annoying if you're halfway through The Wire, for example.

Now TV Streaming Stick review: Streamer still lacks Full HD

In some cases, films will appear on the service at around the same time or even before they hit store shelves. When you think of it that way, the prices are easier to swallow. There are some issues here, though. Pretty much every Android phone and tablet under the sun can run Now TV.

Any iPhone newer than the 4S, any second-generation iPad or newer and any fourth-gen iPod Touch can also run it.

Sky Q picture compared to Now TV

It has some great content at very reasonable prices but whether that content is for you depends entirely on how you prefer to watch your TV and movies. If the idea of dipping in and out based on your viewing habits or sporting events is appealing, the lack of a contract is a great attraction.

The Sky Sports Pass has pricing options to suit everyone, too. Read more.

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