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I decided to thraed this item in this cathegory because I've read a lot of posts asking for live tennis streams, so the following liks are in order of appearance the best p2p streaming service portals I've found and tried: 1. Spain, Auckland, Sydney and, now enjoing the Australian Open. Lenguague: Spanish. Alternatives

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Upon a bit more research Weaste was right, F1 and GP2 streams are strictly banned on myp2p. Any infringement from members constitutes a short ban.

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Although they do not specify why on myp2p. It appears that the F1 copyright is exclusively owned by Ecclestone and co, who decide who broadcasts what and where and for how long.

In contrast to football where no one person or small party owns an exclusive copyright for the EPL brand. It is presumably more of an agreement between the clubs and their collective interests are represented by the Premier League.

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Sky only retain the right to broadcast and charge fees in certain areas of the world, while in numerous other areas the EPL allow other countries to watch 3 o'clock kick off times live for free.

We all know the EPL have never allowed coverage of the traditional 3 o'clock kick offs to be covered live over here, for fear of damaging attendances and gate revenue. Obviously nowadays TV has forced kick off times to vary considerably but that was the initial thinking i believe.

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So Sky miss out on possible revenue only from those in the chargeable areas who decide to watch on my p2p.

The EPL however maintain a considerable interest from areas that have free access, while still taking a premium from Sky for their broadcasting rights. Aug 21, rcoobc Not as crap as eferyone thinks Joined:.

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