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Comments 4 1of4King penguins Springer and Astro have a blast while gearing up ahead of game three of the World Series championship.

Photo: Courtesy of Moody Gardens 2of4Rockhopper penguin, Hendrix, can't contain his excitement while running through his own penguin-sized bases.

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Photo: Courtesy of Moody Gardens 3of4Hendrix runs through a base while painting blue-colored penguin tracks as an enrichment activity. Photo: Courtesy of Moody Gardens 4of4Springer plays catch with a trainer.

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At Moody Gardens in Galveston, the penguins had a field day of activities Astros style. With excitement soaring, a rockhopper penguin named Hendrix practiced running and stealing the bases while the king penguins, Springer and Astro, cheered him on from the sidelines.

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Now Playing: Rockhopper penguin, Hendrix, practices running the bases while King penguins, Astro and Springer, cheer him on from the sidelines while playing catch.

Video: Moody Gardens The trainers guided Hendrix through the appropriately penguin-sized baseball field and helped him paint his happy feet tracks in festive orange and blue colors as an enrichment activity.

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Hendrix danced and paddled his way along through the bases while Springer and Astro got in their exercise playing catch with an Astros plush baseball. There is no doubt these adorable birds had a ball cheering on their favorite team while getting in some physical activity.

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