Live To Fight U Til You Win

Saturday, September 14, 2019 10:54:25 PM

When the troops of a worldly monarch go into battle they do so with head erect, with proud and resolute bearing, with flashing eye, and with high courage, determined to bear aloft his banner and to crown it with victory, even though it cost them their lives. Such is the mien that soldiers of Christ should bear in the mortal strife now raging round us. Let them show the same fearlessness of death, the same high courage, the same unlimited confidence in their Leader.

Fight Until You Win

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When I was 15, I was asked to speak at our sports banquet. I literally forgot how to say my name when I stood up in front of the crowd.

Since that moment, I have spoken countless times in front of people and can now stand in front of a crowd and speak without fear. I have nerves, but not fear.

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I had to keep fighting, because I have a dream. And the only way we truly live our dreams is to keep fighting for them.

You have a dream, right? As a leader, no doubt you have a dream to serve people at the highest level. Whatever your dream is as a leader, it will not be fully realized without a fight.

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You can never quit, give up, or slack off in the fight for high-performance leadership. But the good news is, failure is an option.

Quitting is not. Thomas Edison failed 10, times in his pursuit of light. But he never quit.

  • You will have to be afraid of it
  • Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them. Many of us live lives filled with tedium, responsibilities, and unpleasant chores.
  • Avoid it as you would avoid rattlesnakes and earthquakes.
  • Well, look no further than the movies.

The Wright brothers failed many times, but they never quit. They kept fighting until they won. What do you need to keep fighting for? What is the vision for your team or organization? Has this vision been fully realized yet? What is the next battle we have to fight to get it right?

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Average is not bad. There are plenty of average leaders to hang out with in the world, so you will have lots of company. Or you can choose to up-level your leadership and keep growing, learning, and leading.

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What excuses do you need to challenge? What new discipline do you need to create in your leadership?

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