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Friday, November 15, 2019 6:41:28 AM

With a radio link the race vehicles can even be monitored from remote base stations. With an Ethernet cable link, the telemetry can be exploited in the laboratory or at the dyno. WinTAX4 is equally suitable as data analysis tool for third party telemetry systems. Its extra modules allow you to decode uploaded data or live telemetry from any external Datalogger. The integrate CAN lines analyser with support of DBC files is the perfect integrated instrument for monitoring, live, either electronic devices or full car diagnostics from the OBD plug.

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  • Throttle and brake application G-force load In the centre of the display, there are read-outs for lap count and distance travelled, as well as current, last and best lap times for easy reference.

Click on the tab Games to get the shown view. Make sure that the entry Live for Speed is selected in the list. Automatic configuration This part of the tutorial is dedicated to the automatic configuration, which should always be tried first, because its much easier than the manual configuration.

F1 LIVE TIMING: Bigger and better than ever

Perform automatic configuration Make sure that Live for Speed is currently not running but was started at least once! Select the game executable by clicking in the textbox to locate your game installation for non Steam games.

Telemetry Application

Click on the button Modify game config for telemetry. The application updates the configuration of Live for Speed afterwards.

Automatic configuration finished If everything worked as expected, a confirmation message 1 appears, the list shows the correct configuration 2 with a green checkmark and the button for the automatic configuration 3 on the right side is hidden.

Manual configuration This part of the tutorial is optional and should only be performed if the automatic configuration failed for some reason.

Formula 1 Live Timing and Circuit Animation

Open the installation dir Make sure that Live for Speed is currently not running but was started at least once!

Open the installation dir of the game and locate the file cfg. Notepad Find the settings in the textfile Locate the entries:.

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