Keep Calm And Watch Hockey

Tuesday, December 24, 2019 5:17:42 PM

As Referee in Chief, my main objective is the recruitment and development of young, new officials. It is increasingly harder each year to retain and attract new officials and there are several reasons but the leading cause appears to be abuse at the rinks. Much of officiating is learned from experience and the less turnover we have the better the officiating gets.

Hockey Hall of Fame

That's the hockey thing, right?

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It sure is. I don't really watch hockey. I'm not Canadian. Why should I care about this?

Keep Calm and Watch Hockey

Well, first of all. A Canadian team hasn't won the Cup since so hockey is actually the United States' sport now. And because playoff hockey is honestly amazing and one of the best postseasons thrill rides in all of sports.

One time a guy on Twitter said it was like snorting cocaine and riding a motorcycle out of a helicopter. Alright, calm down. Sorry, just trying to capture the spirit of the thing and convince you to tune in. You probably won't regret it!

At least until you experience one of those famous NHL video reviews that everyone can't get enough of. Who's playing? Who the hell are the Vegas Golden Knights? Vegas has a hockey team? Since when? Yes, Vegas has a hockey team that is just four wins away from a Stanley Cup.

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This is their first season. And they're in the Finals?

Singular, as in one final series. Hockey fans get angry about that.

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God, you people are the worst. It's crazy. How the hell did that happen? Where did their players come from? There was an expansion draft last summer. They got to draft players from the other 30 teams. And so they just took every team's best player and made a super squad and that's how they got to the finals — ugh, FINAL — in their first season?

No, not exactly. Every team got to protect a bunch of players, and guys with less than two years of NHL experience were exempt. The Golden Knights got to pick from the rest of the pool. OK, so if they just picked from every team's leftovers, how did they get so good? Well, their general manager was really smart about it.

So, he was just good at his job? Yeah, and some of their players had unexpectedly good seasons. I can tell you about some of them later, if you want. OK, sure this story is intriguing. Has this ever happened before?

No, not really. This is the first expansion team to reach the championship in any North American sport in 40 years. Damn, what a story. Hockey fans must be loving this, huh?

Some of them are really into it, but some of them seem to be really mad about it. Well some fans are really bitter that Vegas is so good so fast.

They think Vegas fans should have to suffer for a long time before they "deserve" a Cup.

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Does Vegas even have fans? Yeah, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They've packed their home arena all season and they've been loud and fun as heck. And drunk? Oh yeah, for sure drunk too. So shouldn't those bitter fans just be more mad at their own team for taking so long to put together a championship team rather than being mad at Vegas only needing a year to be great?

I think so. But some fans like to say the NHL "gave" Vegas a championship roster through the expansion draft. So people expected them to be this good? Hell no. Pretty much everyone thought they were going to suck -- even their owner.

They entered the season with odds to win the Cup. Did you bet on them? I thought they were going to suck.

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Haha you idiot! I know. But if these people who are mad knew the NHL was giving them a championship team, shouldn't they have bet on them?

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You would think. And they probably wouldn't be mad if they did. So what about the Capitals? Do they still have Ovechkin? I know him.

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