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Trying to block any attack and inevitably failing Uneven graphics Fans and journalistsalike have pegged Infinite Undiscovery as an attempt by the stagnating JRPG genre to jumpstart itself with new ideas and make a grand entrance onto the next-gen stage.

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Well, we appreciate the gesture, but Infinite Undiscovery really only goes halfway. Same goes for the vivacious Aya, a tough cookie of a princess whose romance with Capell is truly charming despite being a bit cookie-cutter.

And with all the spell effects and sound clips being tossed around, it quickly descends into slow-as-molasses chaos instead of stylish, epic anime warfare. Everything takes place in real time, with no separation between exploration and battles: encounter an enemy in the field, it attacks you or you attack it first for a special advantage , and it all happens seamlessly.

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You control Capell directly, while your computer-controlled buddies can only be given general directives, like to save energy or fight freely. Capell can bust out rudimentary combos by stringing together light and strong attacks, and he also has customizable special moves at his disposal.

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Between the broken blocking and the flashy-but-shallow Connect system, hack and slash ultimately becomes the order of the day. When it tries to be innovative, however, its unsatisfying combat, superfluous subsystems and wasted ensemble cast make the whole experience feel half-hearted.

Just like its nonsensical name. Aug 29,

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  • And yet, there we were: In a back room on the edge of the PlayStation Experience show floor in San Francisco's Moscone Center waited genius game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, whose crew wasted no time shoving me into the " synesthesia suit," filled with force-feedback units that would truly make me feel the music of Rez, Mizuguchi's musical-shooter masterpiece, now being enhanced for PlayStation VR. Rez, originally released in on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, is a brilliant combination of shooter gameplay, music, and light, sort of like turning Space Invaders into a rave where everybody is on just enough drugs that they're pretty sure they can smell the music.
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