Golf Is The Most Boring Sport To Watch

Saturday, September 7, 2019 2:36:30 PM

Which means clearing a window in your diary of around 32 hours if you want to watch on Sky the whole thing between now and Monday evening. So you're looking at around 56 hours of golf over the four days — although with Peter Alliss's soporific commentary it will seem more like

Sorry Tiger, golf is the most boring sport to watch say Brits

Click to expand Granted the first post is absolutely retarded anyway, "football" doesn't necessarily mean you solely kick a ball with your foot.

  • Originally by The Round Mound
  • Golf the most boring sport to watch, says survey Golf has topped a poll in Britain.
  • Date: January 12, No comments The recent YouGov poll made the headlines when it named golf as the most boring sport to watch. Like all polls the results are based on the way the questions are framed and to whom the questions were put.
  • Not so, according to a survey of folks in the United Kingdon.
  • Golf is boring — it's official And so is football apparently

I posted explaining this the other day. I enjoy educating people about this topic, most people don't seem to know anything about the history of football s.

I'm convinced now. Soccer is the world's most boring sport.

There's association football, rugby football, gaelic football, australian football, gridiron football. All ultimately evolved out of pre-modern folk football which allowed handling the ball, wrestling etc.

Some allowed less handling of the ball than others, which is what led to the Rugby split with from the Football Association for instance which had been founded to arrive at a compromise rule set so different schools, colleges etc. The original draft of the FA Laws of the Game allowed for running while holding the ball, hacking the shins etc.

And of course there is the fact that soccer is a British word originally, like rugger, and continued to be used right up to the 60s and 70s Matt Busby's autobiography is called "soccer at the top".

Or the fact that Soccer A. It's of course absolutely fucking retarded when yanks come out with stuff about how there's only football and soccer is "divegrass", but it's equally dumb when europeans get all pissy about the term soccer and call american football "handegg".

This is the most boring sport, according to a new poll

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