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Long Hair Tv Tropes

Man vs. Pillow: crazy, and Pillow vs.

Neutral Female

Pillow: crazy awesome. Late into Year Five of Injustice: Gods Among Us , a two-part story taking place on the alternate good Earth features a panel of a "chicken fight" in a pool between Renee Montoya and Dinah Lance riding Kate Kane and Ollie Queen, respectively ; both of them are wearing bikinis.

Films — Live-Action In the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate , the only reason for the nightgown-clad Wives of Manos wrestling-fight scene to jazz music seems to be fanservice.

It has nothing to do with anything else in the movie. Scary Movie 4 features a Scrabble game between three bikini-clad women that breaks into a pillow fight after one makes a play.

Designated Girl Fight / Video Examples

Sorority Row opens with a party that includes three sisters having a pillow fight on a trampoline, wearing onesies that leave their butts exposed.

In slow motion.

  • That's only because I took out the really narmy part in there.
  • Meanwhile, our lovely heroine, whom the narrative will insistently claim is physically capable, is just standing around
  • Fantastic Four : At the end of Ben and Reed's brief scuffle, Ben headbutts Reed in a manner that looks extremely stilted. The battle between the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom is seen as the absolute worst point of the movie by critics, featuring a lot of CGI that is pieced together incomprehensibly in a weirdly-choreographed and forgettable climax.
  • Long Hair Tv Tropes Adventure awaits when our furry friends get behind the wheel.
  • Don't call him a hero. Action Pack : Kira has no qualms about fighting women as seen by how he electrocutes Snapdragon and fights Quake.

Averted in The Scarehouse, as it has more of a Fan Disservice example. Live-Action TV In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Dirty Girls", Xander is wakened from a dream of scantily clad Potential Slayers having a pillow fight, to the reality of the girls in frumpy pyjamas and bathrobes, complaining about a clogged toilet.

Friends : Monica acknowledges this trope only to shoot it down, much to Chandlers dismay. Alluded to a couple times in Lost Girl.

Black Bullies Getting Knocked Out On Youtube

When Bo discovers she may be facing another succubus , she goes to an expert for advice. When she asks how one succubus fights another, her friend Kenzi snarkily interjects, "slow motion pillow fight?

When she mentions a "girls' night" event to Bo, Bo says, "Please tell me there'll be pillow fights. She's wearing a sports bra and yoga pants; the guys are shirtless. Fanservice for all!

Sports The Lingerie Bowl. In water-soluble costumes. Video Games This trope is probably the whole point of the Dead or Alive volleyball spinoff s. Instead of beating each other down like in canon , the series' many attractive female characters decide to play some games on the beach.

Web Animation Parodied, like most things, when Homestar Runner was invited in an email to have a pillow fight with some college girls in what was supposed to be Strong Bad's celebratory th email.

According to Homestar, it's the second such fight he's been invited to, with the first one catalogued in hremail Web Comics Male variant: the wrestling match in Shortpacked!

Designated Girl Fight / Fridge

To boost things, Robin added a vat of pudding. Indicated but not shown in Housepets! They mistake his speechlessness for a refusal. When Grape shows up and joins in, Peanut sits in the shallow end of a pond, apparently for the equivalent of a cold shower.

Designated Girl Fight / Quotes

Indicated but not shown in Homestuck. Apparently Jane and Roxy had a pillow fight in their underwear after entering the session, which was viewed by Caliborn.

Western Animation The short-lived American adaptation of the Australian sitcom Sit Down, Shut Up has an episode where the hippie science teacher Miracle Grohe tells Principal Sezno about an underground club where women in skimpy pajamas pillow fight each other.

Subverted in the Futurama episode "Mars University". Bender and the Frat-Bots peep into a sorority dorm Bender: Ooh, somebody's been a bad computer

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