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Friday, September 13, 2019 3:43:44 AM

Comment The Fossil Sport is the most recent smartwatch to join the company's portfolio of devices. It brings many of the same features as Fossil's other fourth-generation smartwatchesbut the Sport offers numerous colour options, whilst being the first to incorporate the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chip under its hood.

Fossil Sport Men's Smartwatch

Fossil Sport Review: Google's Wear OS Finally Has a Good Watch

After two years of enduring the aging Snapdragon chip, its successor is supposed to offer better battery life along with improved performance.

As one of the first smartwatches with the new chip, does the Fossil Sport live up to expectations? It also comes in six different fun and quirky case colors, some with matching bands, which is a first for Fossil. Since the aluminum case sits on top of the nylon base, it gives the smartwatch a bit more height.

Its size and weight also make it comfortable to work out with. There are also plenty of pre-installed watch faces to choose from, most of which are customizable.

Fossil Sport review: The best Wear OS watch, not the best fitness watch

On the side are three pushers — a rotating crown and two buttons that can be used to trigger shortcuts. We set our top pusher to trigger the weather and the bottom to trigger Google Fit. Rather than having to scroll through with your finger on the display, you can use the crown to navigate menus and notifications.

Holding down the crown also triggers Google Assistant. Slightly improved performance, nice display With the Snapdragon , we never experienced any glaring performance issues but there are some things to be aware of — we typically encountered lag when scrolling through the main menu and apps were slow to load.

Google Assistant also feels faster when loading results after you ask a question or give it a command. The 1. With pixels-per-inch, the screen is easy to read, and colors are vibrant on both the watch faces and the content.

The Fossil Sport also comes with 4GB of internal storage, allowing you to store music on the watch. You can also connect any Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. A swipe up brings you to all of your notifications neatly stacked on top of one another, and you tap on a specific one to expand it and then tap again to collapse it.

To clear a notification, swipe full to the left or right. A swipe down brings you to all your shortcuts like battery saver, Google Pay, Do Not Disturb mode, and more.

Swiping to the left will bring you to the redesigned Google Fit.

With one swipe, you can see all your activity metrics and tapping on one will launch the app. There, you can see a complete overview of your activity with more in-depth metrics. This also made it easy to refer to when we were on our run, allowing us to quickly check on our stats without having to struggle with specific gestures.

With a built-in heart-rate sensor, you can also see your beats per minute throughout the day. Swiping to the right brings you to our favorite feature which is powered by Google Assistant.

  • On the Android side of the fence, yes, there are tonnes of WearOS sporting smartwatches that get released on a regular basis. Fossil Sport Smartwatch.
  • Style meets sport, but what about stamina? It launched its first wearable in and has made one or two each year ever since.
  • However, its new range of sport smartwatches bring something completely opposite, quirky, and fun to the table. I tested the watch during light as well as heavy workouts and the smartwatch almost becomes the second skin.
  • On a lot of other watches, that might just mean a different colored band, but on the Fossil Sport, it changes the color of the band as well as the body of the watch. Several colors are available too, some much more flashy than this.
  • The first thing you notice about Fossil Sport is its classic watch appearance. It has a round metal dial with a rotating crown on the right along with two customizable buttons which add to the overall look.

This section provides you with a personalized list of upcoming calendar appointments, restaurant reservations, and more. We like to be able to glance at it whenever we need to check for traffic alerts in the morning on our way to work.

Once you open the Play Store both apps should automatically start to download. Those using an iPhone will be limited in some use cases. With iOS, you have to make sure the Wear OS app is always on in the background for the smartwatch to stay connected and receive notifications.

  • Straps are pain to swap.
  • Is this light Wear OS-based smartwatch worth the money?
  • Buy Now WiredSurprisingly light.
  • In fact, at around 25g, the company says that it's the lightest smartwatch to date.

Since the smartwatch has built-in GPS, we were able to track the distance of our runs using Google Fit. If you choose to use only your smartwatch, the data will sync to your smartphone.

FOSSIL Watch,Fossil Sport Smartwatch

The Fossil Sport also tracks steps, calories burned, and heart-rate throughout the day and when you choose to track it throughout your workout. With a built-in heart-rate sensor, the Sport makes it easy to track your BPM. If you opt-in to the feature, your BPM will update every 20 minutes where it will be logged into the Google Fit app.

Fossil Sport Review: The best Wear OS watch for most people [Video]

When we worked out with the Fossil Sport, we found the heart-rate sensor was extremely spot on. When comparing our own metrics, we found the smartwatch was either at the exact BPM or maybe one or two off. We would recommend downloading a third-party app for this as well. Improved battery life Fossil says its new smartwatch should last 24 hours depending on use — the new chipset is supposed to optimize battery life.

Normally, we can only get about 12 hours before having to place it back on the charger. The Sport also has rapid charging and ours hit percent in just over an hour. After charging it up to percent at 9 a.

We turned on battery saver mode throughout the night and into the next day until about p. Our smartwatch was at 19 percent when we finally turned battery saver mode off.

It then dropped down to 10 percent by about 3 p. The device comes with a puck-shaped charger that has magnetic pins attached, allowing you to simply clip the smartwatch in without worrying about it sliding off while charging. We found our smartwatch hit percent just over an hour after plugging in.

The smartwatch comes in six different case colors with matching silicone bands — black, blush, neon yellow, light blue, gray, and red. Since the smartwatch has interchangeable watch straps, Fossil offers 28 additional straps to purchase.

Our Take The Fossil Sport is a sleek-looking smartwatch with a vibrant display and is equipped with a built-in heart-rate sensor, GPS, and more. Is there a better alternative?

It comes with the same fitness features, like built-in GPS, heart-rate monitor, and more, packed into a beautiful design.

Fossil Sport Wristwatches for sale

It also comes with extremely impressive battery life that lasted us between three to four full days depending on case size. It comes with a stunning design, heart-rate monitor, and can last up to five days on a single charge.

How long will it last? The Fossil Sport should last you beyond the two-year limited warranty. Since it runs the new Wear OS and has the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear chip, there are plenty of updates to come.

Should you buy it? Editors' Recommendations.

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