For A Large Sporting Event The Broadcasters Sold

Sunday, September 8, 2019 8:47:09 AM

And with the massive audiences sports can drive, advertising can be highly effective as well. This blog post will look at rules, regulations, and rights around broadcasting live sports. There are various intellectual property considerations to take into account when broadcasting anything.

Over the Top: The Future of Sport Broadcasting Business Models (Part 2)

Challenge: From site to screen. This simple statement belies the logistical and technical complexity of delivering live sporting events to broadcasters across the globe.

Satellite time needs to be booked, teleports made available and fibre channels organised. Up and downlinks need to be managed, broadcast schedules complied with and much more. So much more, in fact, that outsourcing the entire process to Arqiva makes commercial sense.

Solution: High availability.

Satellite's Play in Global Sporting Events

This is the whole game when distributing live events. Our dedicated client team is responsible for pre-season and individual event planning, channel booking and match-day technical delivery and helpdesk support — to Infront and its right takers across the world.

However, the England and Wales Cricket Board negotiated for it to be transferred to Category B and subsequently, and controversially, sold exclusive live broadcast rights for the —09 home cricket seasons to Sky Sports.

The customer creates the content, Arqiva does the rest. With peace of mind crucial to any global relationship, Infront enjoys the confidence of knowing Arqiva can support its events anywhere.

Transmitting over , hours of live sports content every year, with offices on four continents, teleports on three and enough fibre , miles to go around the world four times, little wonder Arqiva continues to win new properties — delivering great action from site to screen.

The impact of the broadcasting of sports events on the image and awareness of host cities abroad

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