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Monday, November 11, 2019 5:20:04 AM

South Africa beat Wales and Kenya in their first two fixtures of the day. They finished the day with a win over Australia. But the day belonged to title-favourites Fiji who still had to play their final pool game of the day at the time of writing. Fiji, who lead the World Series Sevens rankings by just two points, put on quite a show on the opening day.

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They are the Hamilton Sevens champions. Jerry Tuwai earns his side a crucial turnover around halfway, Fiji's Aminiasi Tuimaba gets his hands on the ball and he races away to score under the sticks for his team's third try of the match. Waisea Nacuqu strolls over to score down the right edge for the Fijian team.

Fiji have been unstoppable in these first few minutes of the final, USA are struggling to shut down their offload game. The Fijians are off to a flying start, Jerry Tuwai finishes off a great play after two sensational offloads from his teammates around USA's 22m line.

The conversion is offline from out wide. And we are underway with Fiji kicking off to USA! Stacey Waaka grabs a quick double to bring up her third try of the match.

A fitting end to the match - NZ are the winners defeating France and are the Fast Four champions. Shakira Baker has no space to work with down the right edge deep inside her own 22 and she manages to break the French defensive line.

Baker goes 90 metres to score a fantastic individual try. NZ spread the ball to the right side of the field and Stacey Waaka pulls out her lethal right foot step.

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She leaves her opposite French defender clutching at air around halfway. Waaka puts on the after burners and scores the second try of the match.

She weaves around her opposite and breaks out of the tackle. There is nobody in front of her and she puts her foot down, she crosses over for the first try of the match. A great play by World Rugby women's sevens player of the year. The men in black finish in third place after a clinical performance against the Blitzbokke.

Up next is the women's final between New Zealand and France.

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South Africa have a man sent to the bin after a late tackle on a New Zealand player. The All Blacks Sevens march up field and South Africa are penalised again this time for an infringement at the breakdown. NZ have numbers down the right side and they spread the ball wide Joe Ravouvou who scores his first try of the match.

Tone Ng Shiu gets his double for the match. Tim Mikkelson has the ball down the left edge deep in South Africa's He is tackled but manages to get an offload to Ng Shiu who then goes over to score. He attacks South Africa's defensive line and sucks in two defenders around halfway.

Tim Mikkelson calls for it and Nareki delivers a perfect pass for the All Blacks Sevens veteran who races away to score just before the halftime break.

NZ go from sideline to sideline and Tone Ng Shiu goes into score down the left flank. Siviwe Soyizwapi crosses over to score the first try for South Africa. New Zealand just guilty of ill discipline, it has been all South Africa in the first few minutes of this fixture.

The lead changed twice in the final minute of the match with Scotland scoring the match winner late through Jamie Farndale. England scored six tries to Kenya's one.

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Carlin Isles cemented it for his side with a clever pick and go from the ruck. Steve Tomasin crashes over from close range and USA now retake the lead.

Vilimoni Koroi has had a brain explosion!

He has been sent to the bin for a dangerous tackle and NZ are down to just six men. Regan Ware makes a huge intercept around halfway and he has one of the fastest players in the circuit chasing him - Carlin Isles.

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The Kiwi flyer is tackled over the try-line and he has somehow managed to ground the ball close to the try-line. The conversion is good and NZ lead at the break. USA make New Zealand pay for their mistake.

The USA skipper Madison Hughes goes himself down the blindside and scores the first try of the match. Things got worse for South Africa when Kyle Brown was sent to the bin for a dangerous tackle in the final minute of the first half. Fiji took advantage of South Africa's poor discipline with Vilimoni Botitu crossing over to score down the left edge.

Up next the Blitzbokke take on the defending champions Fiji in the first Cup semi-final. Blyde pounces on the ball and races away for another try for NZ under the goal posts.

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Alena Saili gets a triple! It all started with nice break by Stacey Waaka around halfway, she throws a loose pass back on the inside and Saili is there to clean up. Alena Saili has no defenders in front of her and she goes all the way to score under the sticks. Shakira Baker is in for second! NZ lose control of the ball on China's 22m line but it has gone backwards.

Baker regathers the ball hesitates but then puts on a little jink before racing away to score down the right flank. Gayle Broughton's first touch and she goes over to score untouched under the posts. China had the throw in on NZ's 40m line but they botch it.

Ruby Tui regathers the ball and gives it to Broughton, China's defence rushes Broughton but she gets past them with a wicked side-step. There is no one in front of her and she speeds away to score NZ's fourth try of the match.

Things got a bit messy in the last minute of the first spell for NZ but they manage to summon a try just before the break. NZ lead at halftime.

Shakira Baker does it herself. At about halfway she decides to take on the Chinese defence, she steps in then out and speeds away on the outside of her opposite.

Kat Whata-Simpkins weaves between three defenders before offloading the ball to Niall Williams just inside China's 40m line. Williams recognises the space down the left edge and she gives the ball to Alena Saili. Saili is too fast and strong and she goes into score in the left hand corner.

And we are underway with the Black Ferns Sevens kicking off to China. In the next Trophy semi-final Spain take on England. Source: Photosport pm Into the challenge semi-finals now, Argentina will face Kenya.

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