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Paid costumes, stages etc. Competition is fierce in ranked games, so expect to get farmed if you go in without hours of training in the numerous single player modes and countless trainings. Since Netherealm took over Mortal Kombat, each iteration is getting better and better! Injustice 2 does great justice to the first one, since they took a great game, and gave it all that it missed due to its age. I really expected way more people to love this one, but anyway!

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The latest ‘BlazBlue’ reminds me how impenetrable fighting games can be

The games industry is now larger than both cinema and music, and with the advent of mobile gaming, more people are playing games than ever before. However, the appeal of gaming is still a mystery for many people.

Some of you will have played games when they were younger, but let the hobby fall by the wayside. Some of you will have never picked up a game in your life.

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What does the landscape of gaming looks like in and why are so many people playing them? Who plays games?

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This diversification in audience is partially due to the rise of mobile gaming. Whereas games used to be tied to bespoke hardware, they are now easily accessible through mobile devices and tablets. Although audiences are diversifying, the games industry is dominated by male developers and often caters to a presumed heterosexual male audience.

Unfortunately this often leads to over-sexualised female characters and a distinct lack of non-male, non-white characters to play as.

How do they play them?

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games

Games consoles are dedicated machines intended for home use. The biggest players in the console market are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo — whose current models are Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch respectively.

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Desktop computers and laptops are used by gamers just as much as consoles and are often built specifically to optimise the graphics and performance of games.

Games can be purchased through online stores like any other type of app, and downloaded straight onto your device, ready to play. Alongside the rise of mobile gaming there has also been a huge growth in online gaming.

Not all games can be played online, but all current consoles are capable of online play.

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The same goes for mobile devices and PCs. Playing games online will have you playing against or alongside other players across the internet. Others games will group you with other players from across the globe — sometimes randomly and sometimes based on skill level or preferences.

What types of games are popular? Popular game genres are constantly shifting and differ across which platform they are being played on. Below is a condensed list of current popular genres with some examples of each: First-Person Shooters FPS — Action games focusing on gun or projectile-based combat through a first-person viewpoint.

Call of Duty, Overwatch, BioShock, Battlefield, Destiny Action-Adventure — Games in which the player traverses and explores environments, often involving combat and puzzle-solving.

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Also, with more and more people making games, new genres are being created all the time.

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