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True story. When I was travelling in Thailand early inI went to eat with a bunch of guys before we headed for the beach. And then, of course, the film gets really weird. The Club was the youth of the 90s, the Fight against their elders. Fincher was at the vanguard of the MTV generation who cut their teeth on music promos, but — aside from their evocative, filtered lighting — his earlier films had a classical, linear brio to them.

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A premium price for premium content, but what about the UX? Sign-up is difficult with lots of zooming and scrolling.

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Also note the cavernous amount of white space at the bottom of the page. Clicking Watch Now brings up a pop-up saying Watch in App, making it sound like you might have a choice.

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Vibrant blue denotes tappable options. This seems like an arbitrary and mean amount.

You can sign-in to a maximum of four devices. Which should adequately cover your PS3, desktop computer, laptop, and tablet. My TV remembers your last 20 movies you watched, and also remembers the exact point you left off each one.

However there is no ability to add films to a watchlist. A key feature in other streaming services.

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Also the subsequent sign-up pages are large and clear. They also allow you to use your PayPal account for added sign-up convenience.

You are then taken through to a personalisation tool, where the user can pick the type of film or television you like, and Netflix will tailor your homepage based on these choices. The desktop site on mobile is a weirdly mutated experience with poor positioning, bizarrely placed pop-ups and large spaces of grey that dwarf the content.

Any change of details has to be done on your desktop.

Map: Australia Recently, I had half an hour allotted in my evening for Netflix. I scrolled through My List, the place where you save things that look good so you can watch them later on.

Thankfully within the last couple of months, Netflix has finally added a Watchlist function. A feature vital to a good VoD user experience. Netflix also has a satisfying interface when you click on your choice of film or TV programme. Here on the Breaking Bad pop-up, you can pick an episode, see the last point you watched an each individual episode, and pick a season from a drop down menu above.

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Sign-up is particularly uninviting. Also, as with the Netflix app, this is a much superior experience than the desktop site. Go, Vin, go!

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NOW TV has a great looking app. However, without the ability to add films to a watchlist this really scuppers it from being the best. They are clearly competing directly with each other in every aspect of design.

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This means neither has the bravery to pull away and do something different or exciting. Responsive design has been completely ignored by all three companies. Their natural assumption is that the user will download the app instead.

All well and good, but this sacrifices the users ability to sign up to each service on a mobile device or change their account options, payment and personal details, therefore losing potential customers.

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