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Take a trip down memory lane, or discover a new part of this town's sports history, with reporter Scott Hanson. But the dream for Mentink, known as Angie Marzetta as a Husky, was to play pro baseball. When the Colorado Silver Bullets started 25 years ago, her dream was obtainable. It happened by doing what she liked. Advertising Pursuing a dream Mentink, 46, grew up a Navy brat, in a family with three generations of Naval Academy graduates.

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Staying strong, she tells herself, is the only way she can win. She used to cry in the mornings as the sun came up. She would try to drive the kids to school, and the sunlight would slap her in the face.

She became so sensitive, it was nearly impossible to see.

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That was August, when she began to notice something was wrong. Seven months later, she is in full fight-mode. She puts on sunglasses to protect her delicate eyes and wipes the tears away. Kim Rojas, wife of Angels announcer Victor Rojas, is at their home in Trophy Club, Texas, this week making plans for a surgical procedure she hopes will give her answers.

In the next two weeks, she plans to schedule biopsies of two nodules on her thyroid that were discovered after the diagnosis. I have to keep it together. Forgive him if his mind is elsewhere. We have to expect the best, but anticipate a bump in the road. They were both working on a charity golf tournament.

It was He is the son of former major league ballplayer and former Angels and Florida Marlins manager Cookie Rojas. Victor had to work selling tickets during the game, so he could only see her during the breaks between periods. That sealed the deal.

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Within six months, he proposed. He got down on a knee. In the dark, they had to fish the snowflake ring out of the sand before he could kiss her.

They were married in Change of direction In , Victor Rojas had an epiphany. He was still working in sales for the Florida Panthers, and still playing some baseball.

She had previously worked on softball and college football telecasts.

He had been a minor league pitcher, briefly, in the Angels system. He called the Newark Bears, an independent baseball team, which was owned by former Yankee catcher Rick Cerone. Victor worked as an assistant general manager and as a broadcaster. Kim worked as an office manager.

They moved to New Jersey, a place they grew to love.

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He got together a demo reel of his announcing highlights and sent them to Arizona, where, in Scott Geyer gave him the break he was looking for. Victor was hired as a radio broadcaster for the Diamondbacks. Kim and Victor had two children — Mattingly, now 16, and Tyler, now On Jan.

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The Angels were considering using fill-in announcers for the season. Then owner Arte Moreno met Victor Rojas during spring training. Victor approached Kim, who was lounging by the hotel pool.

Not going to hide They lived in Rancho Santa Margarita for about six years. But their parents lived in Florida, so Victor and Kim decided to move to Texas to cut down the flying time when they wanted to see their parents. Trophy Club is a community west of Dallas and close to the airport.

Plus, the Angels spend a lot of time in Texas, playing the Rangers and the Astros. Courtesy of Rojas family Before last summer, life was great.

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Victor and Kim launched a new business — Big Fly Gear, in which they put numbers from baseball history on T-shirts. For example, they have a line featuring , the number of home runs Hank Aaron hit. She thought it was allergies. Finally, they discovered her TSH levels were unusually high, which suggested hyperthyroidism.

Kim turned 50 this year, and she was doing a colonoscopy when doctors noticed she had a racing heart while she was under anesthesia. Her reaction? If she needs her thyroid removed, she will have to undergo hormone therapy for the rest of her life.

She is forcing herself to be public about her illness. In February, Victor wrote a touching tribute and posted a picture of Kim on Facebook. Related Articles.

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