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EA SPORTS NBA Live 18 The One Edition for PS4

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin The NBA Live 18 demo will be released on August 11 for PS4 and Xbox One users, but EA Sports is giving fans early access to its mobile face-scanning application so their created player will be ready for action from day one.

Credit: EA Sports I can't complain about the likeness. It's about as accurate as any other face-scanning application I've ever used for a video game.


The scan process only lasts about 45 seconds, but you need the right lighting to have a successful scan. It took me 10 scans before the process completed, but the final results were solid. That was my biggest gripe in NBA Live My likeness was accurate, but my skin tone was not.

Thankfully, the app has seen a few tweaks.

NBA Live 18 Face Scan App

You can download the app for Android or Apple devices. It's a very nice layer to add on this concept and the success of the mode will rely on the fan engagement online in the various multiplayer features.

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  • Recently the premiere had the best basketball simulator. This is a game where you can feel the atmosphere of one … Steven Lee 8 days ago NBA LIVE 18 introduces THE ONE, an all-new dynamic career experience defined by the choices you make with the freedom to play how you want, with whom you want and where the respect you earn in The Streets matters just as much as the rings you earn in The League.
  • The first scan was close I was brown with closely cut hair.
  • To do so, they will first have to get the companion app.
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NBA Live 18 doesn't have a concrete release date, but according to a recent press release announcing the inclusion of the WNBA license, the full game will release in September. Follow me on Twitter.

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