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When you stream content online, your ISP can not only slow down your connection speed, but it can also skim your data and sell that data to third parties. Many ISPs also intentionally target video streams because they use a large amount of bandwidth, and will purposefully reduce the quality of those streams during high traffic times which is also when most NFL games happen to take place. Not only does it easily bypass content restrictions in place by sports streaming services, it also has among the fastest servers. You can watch most, if not all, of these games through paid streaming services worldwide.

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Read more Advertisement For an NFL franchise to truly be "America's Team," as the Cowboys have claimed to be for 35 years, they would need to be beloved across the nation, by more people in more places than any other team.

But the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl in 17 years. They've struggled through mediocrity for a decade. Is the nickname accurate, out of date, or is it just an ingenious marketing ploy that has convinced pundits to repeat ad nauseam?

Ten years ago the best way to get a sense of a team's fanbase might have been to do an assessment of TV ratings for each team. These ratings were and still are not released in detail for public consumption. Today we have a better method for determining how many fans like each team.

Specifically, finding out how many fans "like" each team. By pretending to be an advertiser, I was able to extract some data from Facebook's over million users within the United States.

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All data is of July Advertisement Advertisement So what are some interesting takeaways from this fan data? They have 3,, fans on Facebook which is more than any other team.

Every team that has won a Super Bowl in the last nine years has over 1. Since there is no team in L. The Cowboys are based in the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States and, before the Texans, were blessed to have the entire Lone Star state to themselves.

Despite the fact that they share a home field, the Giants have nearly twice as many fans as the Jets. The Raiders and 49ers play less than 30 miles apart and have huge fan bases that come within 10 percent of each other.

The Redskins and Ravens play about 50 miles apart an also are within 10 percent of each other in terms of total fans. Advertisement There's huge disparity across the NFL. For example, the Cowboys have more than 12 times as many fans as the St.

Louis Rams.

Who Is America's Favorite NFL Team? Facebook Data Offer A Clear Winner.

But it may be unfair to look at these extreme differences as teams like the Cowboys and Steelers are almost outliers. The Steelers have over one million more fans than the Patriots, despite the fact they are only one spot ahead in the "like'" rankings. It is also unfair to expect teams to have the same number of fans given the vast difference in metropolitan populations in which the teams are based.

To help control for this and perhaps just examine the "loyalty" of fans, we can control and look at the percentage of local football fans who are loyal to the local team.

Advertisement Below is a graph and a chart showing the percentage of football fans within 50 miles of the home team's stadium who are fans of that team.

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Advertisement Many teams with small fanbases are actually performing quite well within their small markets. The numbers above are a result of a mix between fan loyalty and team geography. The Redskins, Raiders, and Jets all have other teams within 50 miles of their stadium and therefore share a fanbase.

The Panthers' closest competitors are the Atlanta Falcons who play over miles away from Charlotte. As we'll see later, the Panthers lose most of the Carolinas to the Cowboys.

Although the 49ers do well in areas close to the Bay Area, we know from the previous chart that the Raiders are the more popular team throughout the country. One reason: the Raiders still have loyalty within the Los Angeles Area.

Top Networks For Live Sports Monday Night Football over the air: No. Also, if you want to use your antenna with a smartphone, tablet, or streaming device, you can consider buying an over-the-air streaming box.
NFL Football As a result, CBS became the first network to broadcast some NFL regular season games to selected television markets across the country.
How to stream NFL games if you've cut the cord Luckily, watching NFL games no longer requires you to pay for an overpriced cable subscription.
Watch live on Sky Sports Action from 5pm on Sunday; kick In an age of fractured audiences, guaranteed viewers are more valuable and expensive than ever. Football ratings are down double digits across the board, and the pain is spread across networks and nights.

But even if the Cowboys are America's favorite football team, do they beat out teams from other sports to truly win the title of "America's Team? This crushes the competition by 15 million fans. The NHL, still nominally one of the four major leagues, has a total of 11,, likes among its 30 teams.

That's just short of one-third of the NFL numbers, but keep in mind this data only covers U. Facebook users.

Or Not.

The NFL usually crushes its competition in markets with more than one professional sports team. Of these, only 13 have more fans than their NFL counterparts.

NFL Games on TV Today (Sunday, Sept. 8)

Advertisement Put the brakes on the "America's Team" business. There are two teams that have more fans than the Cowboys. The most popular American sports team in terms of likes are the Lakers, with just over five million.

Not only is this significantly more than the Cowboys, but it's almost two million more fans than the second-most popular basketball team, the Celtics who register just over three million fans. The Yankees also beat out the Cowboys, but barely: 3,, Facebook likes to 3,, Advertisement But perhaps being America's team is more about the area in which you encompass than anything else.

While the Lakers and Yankees undoubtedly have fans throughout the nation, they each have huge metropolitan strongholds on their respective coasts where they draw most of their fans from.

NFL Ratings Are Collapsing: Why?

Maybe the Cowboys can claim to be "America's Team" based on the fact they have fans everywhere. To test this, I made a map of NFL fan bases.

I divided the nation into congressional districts, and shaded them with the team that has the most "likes. Click to enlarge: Advertisement I've broken the map into smaller subsections to make it easier to look at.

New Orleans Saints

Again, click all to enlarge. For instance, although Orlando is considerably closer to both Jacksvonille and Tampa, there are more Dolphins fans in Orlando than Jaguars and Buccaneers fans combined.

The Cowboys are actually the most popular team in the parts of the Carolinas farthest from Charlotte. This is as much of a reflection of the Cowboys universal appeal as it is a reflection of how small of a fanbase the Panthers have regionally.

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