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Read More In it to win it At the Commonwealth Games, Le Clos medalled in all seven of the events he entered -- including gold in the m and m butterfly -- bringing his medal total to This year, Le Clos is chasing podium finishes in all three butterfly events -- he is a former world champion over 50m and the world record holder over and m -- as well as a top-three finish in the m freestyle. He is also hoping for two relay gold medals, though this task has been more difficult following a row over South Africa's selection policy for the Games.

Commonwealth Games: Chad le Clos on his bid to revitalise his career

Granted, as a charter member of Enlarged Prostates Anonymous, I understand the benefit of having a second evening break to stand in a long restroom line at a cold arena, but most people would just prefer to get home 20 minutes earlier.

Who wants to sit in Canadian Tire Centre through two intermissions?

By the time Ophelia has drowned, half of America would be home wandering Netflix for the latest Jim Jefferies stand-up special. Tennis: Love? And ? No, no, no, no, no. What type of codswallop is this?

I might be able to live with , but ? First one to four points, leading by two, wins the game. On an unrelated note, professional tennis should become the first sport to step back on over-officiating. Get rid of the chair umpire, get rid of line officials, get rid of replay. Let the competitors call everything on their own, like the rest of us do when we play.

The honor system will help make America relatively great again. Soccer: Injury time, extra time, whatever you call it, why should this be a mystery for the ages?

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This way — follow me here, soccer purists — at all points of the match, everyone will know exactly how much time remains, like every other sport on the planet Earth. More frames, more fun! More frames, more beer frames! Heck, at least two per game — double the Yuengling!!!

Chad Chad jails rebels over February incursion from Libya Justice minister says court handed life sentences in absentia against nearly a dozen rebel leaders living outside Chad.

More frames, more comebacks! In addition, 12 frames instead of 10 makes the game a better bargain; with bowling prices spiraling, that gives us more bang for our buck.

Then again, come to think of it, bowling centers would just increase prices by at least 20 percent. Oh, never mind.

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Barista, shmarista; vendi, shmendi. Just Say No To Starbucks! Bring back real coffee shops with real china cups. Ask The Slouch Q.

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Kyle Sullivan; Houston A. Why do you want sports on TV if it gets you so upset? Adam Miller Jr. Would you prefer me to watch home-decorating shows on TV and get upset?

Terry Golden; Vienna, Va. Pay the man, Shirley. Just email asktheslouch aol. Wordcount: Published: Dec.

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Chad Le Clos, South Africa's swim sensation chases history

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