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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 4:28:49 AM

While unconfirmed, one of the fighters who has been linked up with Perform, the owners of the sports network, is Anthony Joshua. The fact is I am confident that my guy wins the fight, they're confident that their guy wins the fight. Click here to watch boxing on DAZN.

Frampton gutted for fans and family after freak accident

Carl Frampton vs Chris Avalos Round 1 Avalos got his last bit of trash talking in as they referee asked them to touch gloves. Frampton with a very quick left hook. Frampton standing in the center and Avalos with a right hook to the body and Frampton steps inside.

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Avalos with a left hook as they broke from a clinch and the referee warns him about that. Frampton just narrowly misses a right hand over the top.

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A very beautiful right hand counter from Frampton as Avalos missed a hook. Frampton showing off his unreal timing. Avalos in the clinch with Frampton and he hits him after the referee tried to break them up.

Avalos needs to watch himself and he lands a nice body shot. Another straight right from Frampton as the round came to a close.

Frampton Round 2 Frampton short with his right hand and Frampton nearly countered him with a left.

Frampton steps inside and nails him with a Avalos ramping up the pressure and Frampton ties up. Frampton eats a right and he drills Avalos with a right hand as he tried to come inside. A nice left hook from Frampton and Avalos can not come inside without paying a price. Avalos wants to dig to the body and Frampton obliges and gets him with a left hook after a body shot.

Frampton with a left hook and he eats one from Avalos. Avalos with a right hand. Avalos turns and Frampton runs and hits him with a left hook. A right hand gets there. Avalos turned away from the action and Frampton ran and got him.

Avalos getting payback for those shots earlier. Frampton with another right hand counter shot. Frampton , Round 3 Frampton with a jab as Avalos tried to inch forward behind his jab.

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Frampton with a couple of left hooks to the body. Avalos trying to make this an inside fight but Frampton is doing better on the inside.

Frampton with a couple of body shots and he narrowly gets Avalos flush with a big uppercut. Too far and Frampton eats him for breakfast. Avalos with a nice left hook and Frampton with a right. Frampton with a sneaky uppercut on the inside. Frampton with a big right and Avalos needs to reset.

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Avalos is going for broke and Frampton with a massive left hook after Avalos missed. Avalos is trying to knock Frampton out.

Frampton eats a jab and he comes back with a big straight right. Avalos with a left and Frampton gives him one back. Avalos receives a right to the body as the round comes to a close. A better round for Avalos but Frampton is masterfully controlling him. Frampton , Round 4 A nice jab from Frampton.

Avalos coming in very aggressively. Frampton is doing a terrific job outboxing Avalos with his shorter arms on the outside. Frampton with a left hook on the inside and a big right during an exchange and Avalos takes a step back before jumping back in.

Frampton with a masterful jab. Frampton with a body shot and Avalos with an uppercut. Frampton keeping his distance here and using his timing to control this fight. Frampton flurries and finishes with a right cross.

A big right straight and a left hook combination from Frampton. Avalos takes it. Frampton with a big left hook at the bell. Frampton , Round 5 from Frampton is the first big punch of the round and Avalos is hurt. A huge right and Avalos is backing up. Frampton is going to work and Avalos is trying to hang on.

Frampton looking to finish this and a beautiful lead left hook. Frampton with a right hook. Avalos is hurt bad. Avalos out on his feet. A huge right.

Carl Frampton opponent named, one win from Oscar Valdez

Another huge right from Frampton! Referee steps in and stop this! Avalos had no chance. Great stoppage and sensational win for Frampton.

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