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Sunday, September 15, 2019 11:49:05 PM

The enhanced player has a lot of good features, especially when watching football of boxing. However, I have an iPhone X and like to take advantage of the full screen without bezels which the enhanced player will not let me do, but the standard player does.

BT Sport App on TV

How do I cast the BT Sport app to my TV screen?

BT Sport is fast becoming one of the most loved sources of sport in the UK. Hell, you can even enjoy BT Sport programming on Freeview.

BT Sport is available in app form, allowing subscribers to enjoy the latest Premier League matches and more on their phones or tablets when out and about.

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Or simply while taking a crafty toilet break at work. Of course that means it will work over a mobile data connection, so you can watch BT Sport anywhere you have a good enough 4G or 3G connection. But beware of shocking data charges, of course.

Watch the BT Sport app on your TV for FREE

And the good news is, the app has had a redesign for the season that should make viewing your favourite sporting events even easier than it once was. That means sports fans can enjoy live events on the app, as they play out.

All this can also be watched on any screen via your phone or tablet, thanks to Chromecast functionality. What does the new BT Sport video player update offer?

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The BT Sport app update for the season is focused on offering a better video experience when watching via a smartphone. That also includes replays from alternative angles, so you can pore over every detail of a game.

What do I need to watch BT Sport on a phone or tablet? The primary concern here is getting a subscription. You can install the app on as many mobile devices as you like and login with the same ID. To download the BT Sport app, check out the following links.

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