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Essentially, it took a lot of basic higher-end components and coupled them with smart tech to create a clearer picture. Similar to Hisense, there are two Vizio models: the M, which is on the lower-end but is still quality; and the P, which is the higher-end model. While neither model will force you to remortgage, the M is one of the most budget-friendly televisions on this list. It features the standard smart TV apps, along with smart home functionality and built-in Chromecast for perfect streaming with your Oculus Quest. It has great contrast and visuals, just with a few budget-saving substitutions—the video is not as crisp and the frame rate is not as high as, say, the Samsung 8K, which is all to be expected when paying a quarter of the price.

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It's not just more affordable than most OLED 4K sets, it's also one of the best for gaming with nearly instantaneous response time and blur-free motion. It's also specced to the gills with a inch 4K screen that hits a 1,nit peak brightness and Hz refresh rate.

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Unlike a TV, the HP Omen X Emperium 65 skips over a lot of image processing steps, to give you a much more responsive gaming experience and the screen itself is rated for a 4ms response time.

The inch monitor also comes with a massive stereo soundbar that can simulate the wide dynamic range of a multi-speaker sound system. What's Next for 4K TVs for Gaming Just like any bit of technology, there's always something better coming around the bend.

With that in mind, we're going quickly go over what we expect—with both rumors and real news—will enter the world of 4K TV for gaming soon. TCL recently revealed its complete line-up with 6 series TVs and a completely new premium 8 series.

Of course, TCL also had updates for its ever-popular 6 series and this year it has been given an injection of quantum dots, making them QLED screens. TCL has also given its mid-range sets some extra local dimming zones, which together should help improve HDR color.

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OnePlus finally unveiled it's first TV, but don't get your hopes on seeing it stateside any time soon as it has launched first in India. OnePlus' first TV also comes with a built in Chromecast so it comes preloaded with Netflix and other popular streaming apps. Now that we're entering into the fall months, we're practically hurtling our way to CES , which of course you can expect will be jam-packed with a ton of next-generation TVs announcements.

What to Look for in a 4K TV for Gaming There are many qualities to consider in choosing the best 4K TV for gaming: Color accuracy, contrast, color gamut, viewing angles, power utilization, screen reflections, smart TV features, and more.

Without it, you're guaranteed to have your head in your hands wondering why you can't pull off Scorpion's spear move in Mortal Kombat 11 or track targets in Apex Legends. Input lag is a critical spec to pay attention to when considering a 4K TV for gaming, and RTings has a very detailed chart showing the results of its input lag testing on all the best 4K TVs in various modes.

While they might be very similar in name, they are worlds apart as separate panel technologies. OLED TVs are categorized as an emissive screen technology, which means the pixels generate their own light by using an electric current to excite its compounds.

As the pixels on an OLED TV generate both the picture and produce their own light, they can achieve true black simply by running zero current through them. No energy, no light. In this way, quantum dots essentially act as an enhancement filter to produce brighter and purer light than LEDs can.

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This is exactly why Samsung TVs can hit peak brightnesses that are often a thousand or several thousand nits brighter thank OLED panels.

No energy. No light. LCD displays can produce much higher peak brightness levels, but they can suffer from narrower viewing angles and muddier blacks as the display can't fully turn off its backlight like an OLED pixel can just go to black.

Best 4K TVs for gaming: Samsung QLED, LG OLED, Sony, and more

OLED displays, on the other hand, are often dimmer than LCDs and can suffer from potential image retention also called burn-in problems. This issue occurs when static elements, such as a network logo or health bar, on the screen become temporarily or permanently imprinted onto the screen.

The good news is television manufacturers are constantly improving their respective display technologies.

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Making sense of HDR High-Dynamic-Range is a technology that greatly increases the range of brightness levels your TV can display, making a bigger difference between the brightest bright areas and darkest dark areas than non-HDR technology. It's a huge upgrade in visual quality, and one of the best things about 4K TV sets.

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But it's also a little complicated. Hey, it's good to be future-proof anyway, right? It's also important that the peak brightness of an HDR TV will be quite high in order to produce a big difference between dark and light areas in HDR mode.

If a TV supports HDR but isn't very bright, you won't really see much of an improvement in image quality. For my own suggestions, I've ensured that every 4K TV in this guide supports HDR10, and has a sufficiently high peak brightness to make it look good.

Some newer TVs have HLG support and some older can support it after a firmware update be sure to check your specific model.

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Netflix: Most new Netflix original series and movies, outside of animation and kids stuff are in 4K, some with HDR as well. YouTube: The biggest repository of cat videos also has a surprisingly large amount of 4K content, too. Streaming in 4K requires a pretty good internet connection and one of the best routers.

For example, Netflix recommends users should be able to support at least 25Mbps of throughput on their home network. If all that is a bit confusing, I've posted a summary of them all right here for you. To take advantage of 4K content you need a streaming box or console capable of streaming in 4K, or you can use the integrated smart TV app.

This is the costliest option, but provides the best picture and sound quality. As long as you have a High-Speed cable, you should be good to go. If you're in the market for something more affordable, check out my guide to the best cheap TVs for gaming.

I also have guides to help your PC get into shape for the new era of 4K gaming, including the best 4K gaming monitors and the best graphics cards.

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