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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 9:12:48 AM

A run victory for Australia. West Indies aren't bowled out, but they fall short of Australia's total after a topsy-turvy run chase. Some strong 'at the death' bowling from Australia, Mitchell Starc in particular, took the green and gold to victory. The Windies are only left to wonder about what could have been. West Indies50 overs 3.

West Indies Women vs Australia Women 2nd T20I Live Cricket Score

Sheldon Cottrell b Starc 1 2 balls. Bowls the perfect yorker from around the stumps to the right hander and rattles the stumps to pick up his 6th ODI five-wicket haul. He is the first bowler in this World Cup to grab 5 wickets in a match. The finisher CWC19 pic. Jason Holder c Finch b Starc 51 57 balls.

What an over from Mitchell Starc, 2 crucial wickets and just 1 run off it. Bowls this one short, Holder goes for the pull but doesn't get any timing on it and ends up giving a simple catch to Zampa at Shor fine leg.

This wicket was Starc's th in ODI cricket, he is the fastest bowler to get to the landmark in his 77th match. Carlos Brathwaite c Finch b Starc 16 17 balls. Looks for a yorker but it turns out to be a low full toss on middle.

Carlos though has not picked the variation in pace and is early into the swing of his bat.

Australia vs West Indies, Match 21 Live Commentary

It catches the toe end and flies straight down to Finch at long on. Smashed back past the bowler, 11 runs off the last three balls for the Windies. Shortish and on off, Carlos throws all his power behind it and flat-bats it over the bowler's head for a boundary down to long off.

Bouncer is absolutely smashed deep into the mid-wicket stands. He was expecting the bouncer from NCN and was ready to pull it away which is just what he did.

Say a prayer for your nerves. This could go down to the wire. Edged and past the wicketkeeper. Adam Zampa finishes his quota of 10 overs with 1 wicket for 58 runs. He had looked in serious touch, but tries to go big one time too many, and Glenn Maxwell holds onto another brilliant catch running back!

Don't go anywhere folks. This one's so tense, Maxi can't even watch!

Australia vs West Indies, ICC World Cup Australia beat West Indies by 15 runs

Andre Russell c Maxwell b Starc 15 11 balls. Russell thought I will go over the off side. Starc smartly changed the pace, bowled a slower one but Russell was already through his shot.

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Looked to go inside out but all he managed was a top edge. Glenn Maxwell runs back from point covering a lot of distance to take a superb catch. Similar delivery this time he hits it flat over the bowler's head.

The ball bounces just before hitting the boundary ropes.

AUS vs WI Live Cricket Score: Australia vs West Indies Match 10 ICC World Cup

He's brought up career ODI runs with one of the biggest sixes you'll ever see! Massive hit from Dre Russ, just the second ball he faced. Flighted delivery was probably the googly from Zampa, hit back over long on for a metre maximum. Wrapped on the pads and given out LBW once again by the on-field umpire.

Holder was looking to sweep the flighted delivery across the stumps but got hit on the back pad instead.

  • Get live cricket score and updates here. Image credit: Twitter Australia with the help of outstanding performances by Mitchell Starc and Nathan Coulter-Nile, managed to pull the match on their side by 15 runs against the Windies.
  • Steve Smith and Nathan Coulter-Nile were the star with the bat as they scored 73 and 92 respectively while Mitchell Starc was the wrecker-in-chief with the ball as he picked up a fifer to dismantle the Windies batting order.
  • Australia excelled on all three fronts against Afghanistan, winning by a convincing margin of seven wickets.
  • Bowler: Stacy-Ann King. Australia Women: rr 6.
  • They defeated England Women in the last encounter. They will hope to continue the momentum and win this match.

He took the review after consulting with Andre Russell at the other end. Turns out it was the correct call as replays showed the ball was missing the leg-stump. Shai Hope c Khawaja b Cummins 68 balls.

Back-to-back fours, this is hurting the Aussies.

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This one is bowled wide on the off-stump and smashed through the covers by Holder. Flatter delivery, shorter in length and around off, Holder goes back to punch but it takes the outside edge and speeds past short third man for a boundary. Umpire has adjudged him out LBW but the Windies captain goes for the review and survives.

Replays showed the ball was pitching just outside the leg-stump so the decision has to be overturned as Maxwell was bowling from around the stumps to the right-hander.

Shimron Hetmyer run out 21 28 balls. A flatter and shorter delivery outside off, Hope gets back and punches it wide of mid on. He sets off for a run but then stops seeing the fielder rush across to the ball. Hetmyer though has come down a long way and is to the point of no return.

Cummins immediately releases the ball to Maxwell who breaks the stumps at the non-striker's end. Hope brought up the mark off 76 balls, but there's agony when Hetmyer is run out after a horrendous mix-up.

Australia still believe. Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope are in the middle, propelling them to the run target. CWC19 Australia need wickets. Dhoni once again profess his love for the security forces after he was spotted with regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special Forces on his wicket-keeping gloves.

Read More This man shows his love for the nation and army. IndianArmy Balidan pic. Second boundary in the over, a good one for the Windies as 10 runs came off it. A full toss outside off, Shai sits down on one knee and sweetly sweeps it behind square leg for a boundary.

Pulled away with a lot of power through deep mid-wicket for his first boundary.

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