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Thursday, September 26, 2019 11:54:04 PM

Run without your phone or your wallet Always-on display Workout app lacks detail Battery life impacted in new model The Watch 5 looks identical to last year's Watch 4, but that's now off sale, so we're going for the new option instead. Design-wise, the screen offers great visibility, which is perfect for fitness. There's also additional health features, as well as better battery life. In many ways it's our favorite all-rounder smartwatch and a great running companion to boot.

Suunto Ambit 3 Peak GPS Sports Watch

Just Not Good Still only giving 3 stars out of an abundance of caution.

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If it continues to perform well I will update in a few months. I just got a new Spartan Sport Baro which I absolutely love. But the Suunto app is a mess. Initially it paired with my watch and downloaded activities fine. Since then it will not sync.

Probably the most frustrating thing though, I contacted customer support and listed everything I did, which was all the troubleshooting steps. As I suspected and feared they responded by basically cutting and pasting the troubleshooting steps.

All of which I did, took the time to write out to let them know I did in an hopeful attempt to avoid that very response.

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Developer Response , Hi, it's great to hear that your experience has improved. We're constantly developing Suunto app and have exciting plans for the future, so hopefully we'll continue to surprise you in positive ways.

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It's also important to always make sure you have the latest software version installed as they all include bug fixes. Love that you can create custom exercises from the app too! But, the stock watch faces are hideous and do not allow for any customization fields, data, clock format, etc.

My Garmin allows developers to create custom watch faces, and even the stock ones you can change the data on the fields, have different clocks, etc. Any plans for this in the near future?

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Also, my Garmin allows me to save an activity for later and the pick up whenever I decide to spin up GPS again. Would love to go all in with Suunto again. My Core was amazing.

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But since switching to a GPS watch, these are two huge dealbreakers for me PS, huge improvements from the Suunto team year over year and I know you all take feedback to heart. Thank you and keep it up!

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