The Gang Goes On Family Fight Watch

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 4:02:08 PM

The Gang Beats Boggs [ Dennis: Well, if I've learned anything from films like Executive Decision or Passenger 57, there's always a way into the cargo hold. North Dakota Woman: You're weird. Dennis: You have no idea.

Best ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Episodes, Ranked

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode guide & recap for e 8, s 10

GIF-style, by visiting the 20 greatest moments. Almost immediately, though he realizes that 1. Mac is trying to steal an ashtray Not a great start, but it gets worse when Frank lays out his plans to publicize his political agenda.

The host, played by the hilarious Keegan Michael-Key, calls Frank up to the stand, and… 5.

The Gang Goes To Chicago: It’s Always Sunny’ Pop

Charlie is right. During the break, they mock Dennis and torment him with the buzzer noise. Dennis now officially hates the buzzer.

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As it turned out: Charlie was right again. Dee makes her way to the front next, and based on the long history of jokes about her massive hands, we probably should have seen what was coming.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 10)

Dee absolutely obliterates the buzzer. Yup, they have a taunting victory dance.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Can The Gang survive without Dennis?

When the host asks for the last answer, and guess what? He and Dee choose themselves to play the fast money round, and before they do, Grant plays a clip of Rickety Cricket wishing the luck.

Everyone is disgusted by his burned face. Dee passes out.

The It's Always Sunny Gang Does Family Feud: A .GIF Recap

On her fart machine. Which goes off over and over. Frank has to replace her, and he dominates, getting the no. And he collapses, just like Dee.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “The Gang Goes On Family Fight”

When he fails to get a single point, and they lose the fast money round, he begs Grant not to air the episode. Nothing doing—they always air, even the bad ones. All Dennis can do, as he wraps up in the fetal position, is repeat the same words as the credits roll:

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