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Sunday, September 15, 2019 7:57:09 AM

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At Formula 1 we have races in 21 different countries, so SportAccord was a great opportunity to meet, share and discuss the ever evolving sports industry with various stakeholders from around the world.

It is also great for us to meet potential commercial and host city stakeholders to see how we can partner together to grow the sport of badminton. The Japan Sport Council, as a national sport agency, had more than business meetings with the decision makers of Sports at SportAccord since and has successfully developed, through these direct dialogues, a number of international collaborations and projects from grass roots to a high performance level with Japan.

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It is invaluable to be able to liaise with the SportAccord attendees to collaborate with and to educate on initiatives to improve athlete health and well-being, which ultimately enhances their sport performances and longevity in sport. Dr Margo Mountjoy McMaster University SportAccord is the most important platform to connect with the leaders of the International Sports Movement and major companies involved in the sports industry.

Michal Buchel International Sambo Federation SportAccord provides a unique platform for the global sports industry because it allows all the sports federations to intersect and interact with the key stakeholders of the industry.

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And each other. For me - SportAccord gives me a forum to learn from others and for me to share my expertise with the industry.

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It is a must- attend event. Giles Morgan.

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