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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 3:26:15 AM

I've never understood the decision with regards to Now TV. Surely having three tiers makes sense Now TV with p streaming and fewer channels and lower cost no contractual commitment Sky X with p streamingwider channel choice no contractual commitment Sky Q Satellite deliveryUHDContract required The trouble is, our idea of sense doesn't match that of the corporate world. Now it's the norm for many, me included. It makes sense to migrate NowTV into SkyX, and my guess is that if the platform works well in Austria then at some point we'll see it here or maybe not.

NOW TV: New Smart Box brings Freeview, Sky Cinema and more on a monthly basis

Share Sponsored Links Sure, the PlayStation 3 is going to be making way for the new generation soon, but something tells us folks won't complain about having access to more entertainment on Sony's aging console.

The offer is available until August 26 and the pass lasts for 10 months. So if you sign up now, it'll expire on 29 May once the football season has finished.

Forget about sexism: Now TV coverage of women’s sports is just plain boring

There are Premier League games in total - each of the 20 teams plays 38 games - but not all are broadcast to the public. The 3pm kick-offs, for example, are never broadcast.

NowTV Full HD testing

So get excited to see Chelsea vs. Leicester City, Wolves vs.

Where to watch

Manchester United and many more games that are included in your NowTV football pass. But if you're a fan of other sports, this might not be for you though, as the pass only covers football. You will also soon be able to watch Premier League matches via Amazon if you're not a Sky or BT customer - it has the rights to 20 games this year, but these are all December kick-offs.

You can even cancel immediately on signing up and your pass will still be valid for the remaining 10 months.

  • BSkyB launched Now TV, which offers content including Sky Movies and sport, as a response to rivals such as Netflix and to boost the accessibility of content as rivals such as BT gear up to launch sport services. The company added the "day pass" to the service three months ago.
  • Golf Loads of ways to watch. You can get a month long pass for Entertainment, Kids, hayu, Movies and Sports.
  • When purchasing a new electrical appliance you can leave your old appliances in store for recycling. Customers may leave back old appliances to the store at any time.
  • While mainstream broadcast coverage now treats the games women play a bit more seriously, much of that now mostly respectful coverage is still being relegated to the sideline, according to an ongoing, decades-long study by USC researchers that was published Sept.
  • The service, which will launch this week on PC, Mac and some Android smartphones, will initially only offer Sky Movies content at launch with access to films and 11 channels.
  • They can enjoy everything from the latest music playlists to the most popular originally-created videos online - all in the comfort of their living room.

NowTV regularly offers up a variety of deals and discounts but this one-off payment might just be the save of the season. Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team?

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