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Thursday, February 27, 2020 8:00:23 AM

Blake Donnelly Priscus Fogagnolo vs. Joseph Henle Rob Wilkinson vs. Dylan Andrews Dimps Gillies vs.

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We turned a corner with interactive programming and now DIRECTV is looking to produce or enter into contract with more programming and I was excited because MMA is a market that has potential PPV fights sell a lot and though Sunday ticket still is our top dog I think we could offer it competition.

Cost vs. The next thing I needed to cover was how to make It exclusive.

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Id also like to get IFL and K1 coverage and some training programs where popular fighters come on the show and teach how the do what they do best in a class type setting. Next is interactive and I have a good number of ideas here.

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  • Matt Lauria and Frank Grllo Now this is hard-hitting television. Kingdom , DirecTV's new original series about the brutal world of mixed martial arts, goes for a solid shot to the gut with its artsy mix of blood, sweat, and Shakespearean themes.
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  • The more information, the better.
  • What Viacom isn't telling you is that ratings on nick are down and so are mtvs.

We might be able to provide a pick em option as well. Exclusive interviews before and after fights and a mic in the corner of the fighter of your choice so you can hear just what the corner is saying to the fighters.

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Interactive scoring and more So how much more a month would it be worth to you? Last I need you to let them know you want something like this package.

Before we all start calling is there anything you think needs to be added or would like to see that I have not mentioned? Id like to see any ideas you have before I enter my suggestion so anyone have some good ideas?

Mma & Directv!!

Feel Free to copy and past this to other forums and spread the word! The more people who call the more interest it will get, so ANY martial arts site we can bring this to would help us.

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