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David Manning at Santa Fe College

Every time I think of you, I always think about how much fun it is hear you introducing yourself with this mile long title! I was actually born in Gainesville, but my family moved to Miami when I was in 4th grade.

Survey Computations

After graduating from high school, I came back to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. I have worked at UF since , beginning at the Marston Science Library and then moving on to be an Admission Officer before becoming an advisor.

I am an only child and, if you ever come to my house, I will show you the shrine erected to me by my mother.

OK, I want to know more about this shrine. And why did you major in history?

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I am an only child and the shrine consists of pictures of me at various ages from nine months to adulthood, along with a Lladro figurine coincidentally named Wanda, grouped together in the living room.

I still get asked by people who have not been to my house in a while if the shrine is still up. What do you like most about your job? Interacting with the students and seeing them go from nervous freshmen at Preview to graduation gives me the greatest enjoyment in my career. I love encouraging students to strive toward reaching their goals and not to settle for less.

Something else that is great about my job is that I get to teach the pre-pharmacy First Year Florida class.

The UF Advisor: February

Seeing so many of my former students exceling in pharmacy school is one of the coolest things about my job. What do you like least about your job? Having to explain to a student why they were denied admission to one of our majors.

Also dealing with parents who are trying to push their child into a major they clearly do not want and have no interest in. I also get frustrated sometimes by students who I know can do better and choose not to. Tell me a funny story about a student. One of the funniest I remember is about a student who had been admitted to pharmacy school.

His mother actually pulled me aside because she wanted to know what type of clothes she should buy him. When I realized she was serious, I suggested long pants and a couple of collared shirts.

Santa Fe College's College Catalog by Santa Fe College

So, what is a typical day like for you, Wanda? A typical day is seeing lots of students and answering lots of emails. Spring is particularly hectic because, in addition to appointments and emails, I have to review admission files and serve as an interviewer for pharmacy school admissions.

I see a lot of students, but I am blessed to have colleagues in all of my colleges who help with advising and keep me sane! In addition to nursing and pharmacy students, I also advise public health and health professions students.

Most of my students are great to work with. I enjoy them because most of them want to make a difference in the world and make it a better place.

Sociology Exam 2

We see you at UAC all the time. Are you active in any other groups or committees? Tell us a little known fact about yourself. When I lived in Gainesville, I went to P. Yonge and marched in the Gator Parade with my 3rd grade class. What is your favorite TV show? What kind of music do you like?

Anyone who is my friend on Facebook knows I am a notorious trash TV watcher. Watching trash TV is fun because it makes my very large family seem normal. Did I mention my mother had 21 brothers and sisters?

This probably explains why I am an only child.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? My two favorite outside activities are reading and traveling. I have been to Europe twice and am hopelessly in love with Paris.

New Zealand is my goal for this summer Posted by.

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