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Email While Randy Beamer, Deborah Knapp, Steve Spriester, Ursula Pari and so many other household names continue to hold it down on our local news stations, we know that San Antonio is very much about nostalgia and being borderline obsessed with local news personalities. From desk-bound news anchors to sportscasters and plenty of weathermen, here are just some of the faces on the news that have played a big part in San Antonio's history.

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Photo: mySA. But you likely didn't know. Photo: Courtesy Abby Kennan 13of25"I sew!

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She taught me to sew when I was younger, and I recently picked it up again. I'm not very good, but hope to get better with practice. The weekend anchor played college soccer at Valparaiso University, she added, "and currently plays on a local soccer league each week.

But what goes on at home and away from the cameras may surprise you. Photo: Courtesy 16of25"Mike is super claustrophobic! An MRI for that guy is impossible! He will not go anywhere overnight without it!

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We had to drive back home 2 hours one time because he forgot it. He will rarely let me wash it, even though it needs it, because he is afraid it will go bad!

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Photo: Courtesy Claudia Garofalo 17of25"I am not the best person to sleep next to, I am known to often talk, babble, even sing in my sleep," Garofalo said.

But one thing viewers might not know.

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But at home, his devotion to something else can drive his spouse batty. She revealed that it's embarrassing when she finds herself pausing at the top of one, and 'people are starting to make a line behind me I just have an irrational fear of falling.

Photo: Courtesy Wayfarer Photography 25of25"I won't take selfies! Same room. Same chair from January," Hurst said in the post. I have good news: My faith has cleaned my body of cancer. Hurst discovered there was more to his nagging sinus infection two days after Christmas.

It wasn't the after-Christmas gift I was hoping for," he said in a social media post. He began chemotherapy and radiation therapy right away.

Beloved News Anchors From San Antonio's Past

Hurst, who continued his on-air job during his battle with cancer, warned his followers that they may see him drop weight due to the treatments he was receiving. Hurst also received support on social media from several KENS 5 colleagues, including anchors Deborah Knapp and Barry Davis, who is also a cancer survivor.

Welcome to the club," Davis said on Hurst's post along with the hashtags "survivors" and "cancer sucks. Please feel excited for me to become a person on purpose with an ever growing lens on life fortified by fire," he wrote.

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