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The new series follows the Chinle Wildcats, a rural Arizona team based on a Navajo reservation where one statistic is revelatory: the population is 4, but the high school basketball stadium seats 6, Opening Shot: A drone flies through a postcard-worthy red rock formation in the Arizona desert. That has to change, though — second-year coach Raul Mendoza wants his team to stop running willy-nilly all over the court, and apply discipline to this strategy. Mendoza is a year coaching veteran who knows how to win.

The 19 Best Black TV Shows to Watch Right Now

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How to watch football online without cable TV Three easy tips to help secure your wireless network How to watch basketball online without cable TV When it comes to cutting the cord, there is one argument above all others that keeps many people attached to their cable TV service: live sports.

There are plenty of ways to watch fictional and reality TV shows — from Hulu to Netflix to HBO Now to name a few — but live sports are a different matter.

There are options though, and if you are a basketball fan, you are in luck. Some are free, others will cost you, but you have options.

Best streaming sites for watching live sports

You can also check out our guide on how to watch football online HERE. Some of the content is free, and you can watch or listen to it on a computer or mobile device thanks to an app.

For reference, Chinle is east of Tuba City, Arizona. The docu-series, called "Basketball or Nothing," is made up of six episodes and follows the team's run to the semifinals during their season, said Matt Howley, executive producer and co-director of the film.

It also airs NBA games, although it excels at college. At any given time you can jump on to ESPN3 and probably find a live game — at least during the late afternoon and evening when games are traditionally played. If there are no live games at the time, there is a huge library of recently played games available as replays.

'Basketball Or Nothing' Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?

There is, of course, a catch. HD Antenna If you are a cord cutter, digital antennas are a great way to still get plenty of TV without paying anything extra beyond the cost of the antenna itself. Different areas offer different reception, but you can check to see what you can receive by entering your zip code at this site.

List of Sports Movies on Netflix

With a solid HD antenna in a populated area, you should be able to receive both at no cost. You can stream four games at once, and watch the games on multiple devices — including devices that connect to your TV or mobile devices that let you watch games on the go.

The obvious downside is the price. If you are an NBA fan and you are already paying for a cable TV subscription though, then in the long run you will still be saving money if you cut the cord and and sign up for this service.

There are a few catches though. All of the games airing on CBS will be available at no cost.

  • Or rather, ready, set, watch. Netflix's "GLOW" returned for a second season over the weekend, bringing us 10 more episodes of Spandex-clad wrestling glory.
  • In this movie—shot on smartphones and distributed both online and in a few theaters—no professional game is ever played, and no team is ever named. Everything about the film has a surreptitious air, almost as if the audience is being given a rare peek into an executive boardroom.
  • A lot or a little?
  • Factors that go far beyond city playgrounds and Hoosiers cornfields. There are a handful of compelling basketball documentaries on Netflix.
  • Share Tweet Submit Pin Some of you will remember walking into a Blockbuster or, for the hip, your local mom and pop video store on a Friday or Saturday night and being overwhelmed with all of the choices. Where to begin?

There is also an app that will allow you to watch games on the go. You can even join in discussions and participate in polls on things like who the best player of the game you are watching is. This is a must watch site for all NBA fans, not just those looking for a watch to watch basketball online.

How to watch basketball online without cable TV

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