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Isn't a blemish on his resume if GSP ducks Spider? Whether it's fair or not, the hype and build-up for that matchup is so strong already that GSP would take some heat were he to decide to just stay at That said, St. Pierre is hyper-focused on his legacy and wants to go down as the best of all-time.

Must beat Anderson Silva to earn that distinction. I want to see some more secret techniques! UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) News, Results, Fighting

Jon Anik Pretty incredible that Anderson Silva gave him credit for that kick. I think it'll be right in that ballpark. I think will come in over ,, which is hugely impressive. As for the fight taking MMA to the next level, I'm not sure one singular fight will propel MMA into a permanent spot on the mainstream sports landscape.

But the momentum right now is on a consistent if not exponential incline, and that fight would get a ton of mainstream attention. Travis Dallas where's court mcgee been lately? Ken Pittsburgh Chost, great work last weekend!

New Years Eve is on a Saturday this year. I think, if he beats Jake Shields, he will make a definitive statement immediately following the fight, or shortly thereafter. I'm quite confident St. Pierre has already decided what he wants to do with the latter half of his career.

As for New Year's Eve, we'll see. I think there are better dates for a mega-fight.

UFC Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos

Dan Chicago Given how slowly the UFC brought Jon Jones along, are you suprised that they are giving him just 6 weeks for a title fight?

Was there any options of moving the fight back? And, given Shogun's already lengthy layoff, he needed to fight that night. Thankfully, Jones came out of the Bader fight unscathed and in position to accept the challenge.

Review Ronaldo Jacare X Jack Hermansson Ufcmiami Mma Video

Tim K. Jon Anik Yes. Frank Chi How is Juniors english these days? Are we gonna hear him or a translater during TUF? When does it start? Jon Anik PM To answer the previous question, yes.

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  • Watch UFC videos including fighter and league news and analysis.

GSP would vacate the title. As for Dos Santos, his English is already pretty good. He comprehends almost everything- just a matter of tightening up his speech.

Chat: Chat with Jon Anik O UFC chega com tudo na tela do Combate. Tudo exibido no canal Combate.

I think he's already easier to understand than Nogueira, who was subtitled when he was a coach on TUF. Season debut is March 30th.

UFC Fight Night

And I'm quite certain UFC did a huge number. The Spider will get paid. Where is his stock at these days? I still like Bader a lot at I think that performance was more a by-product of the opponent, Jon Jones. Does he go back to WW?

If he lost to Anderson Silva, I'd expect him to fight at middleweight and try to work his way back to a rematch. Evans at ? But, could a Silva-Evans fight happen down the line? What do you make of it and would he be a threat had he entered?? Jon Anik PM It's the truth.

Part of the reason Henderson signed with Strikeforce was with the hope that he would eventually get a fight against Fedor Emelianenko.

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I don't like Hendo against a guy like Overeem or Josh Barnett. But a fight with a smaller heavyweight like Fedor has some intrigue.

And certainly intrigues Dan. Jon Anik They are in a lot more places than that, John. It's an empire. Pretty impressive. Jon Anik PM Nope. But they are keeping Lesnar happy, which is vital. I'm sure they wanted him at UFC Didn't see him there.

MC Islamorada Rashad vs Rampage in a back alley, no refs who wins this one? But Evans was a great street fighter in his day. I've heard some stories, so don't want to sell my guy short. That is one of the questions we will ask him.

Jacare Souza vs Hermansson full fight video UFC Fight Night

As for my opinion, not surprised Emelianenko would resort to that tactic. I will choose the top 5. Must be following to have your question considered.

Jon Anik PM I don't know.

Full text of "The MMA encyclopedia"

Much of power is generated by speed. As far as pure, natural KO power, I'd say Hendo. Joe Streitenberger Grove City, Ohio how can i get on mma live to talk to you guys in person Jon Anik Become a pro fighter and do very well.

Jon Anik PM Perhaps.

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