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Format[ edit ] In fallCracklean online video streaming service owned by Sony, began exclusively carrying Sports Jeopardy! Dan Patrick was announced to host this spin-off. Kelly Miyahara, a member of the Jeopardy!

Sports Jeopardy! (TV series)

Email On Tuesday, April 23, Jeopardy! Here's the strategy that got him there. This story was original published on April 10, and has been updated to reflect the latest totals.

Let Sports Jeopardy challenge your sports trivia skills

Plenty of Jeopardy! Since then, Holzhauer has amassed over a million dollars in winnings, and has notched the seven-highest single-game tallies in Jeopardy!

  • Art Fleming hosted the initial version of the show, which aired weekly it airs daily today. Fans of the series as it exists now might find early episodes peculiar, in that contestants were not eliminated as the show progressed and there was no bonus round.
  • He missed only one question, hunted out all three Daily Doubles -- nailing each of them -- and capped it all with the largest Final Jeopardy wager ever.
  • Sports fans will now have the ability to experience real-time highlights and challenges within the show on Crackle while earning exclusive rewards, including in-game currency that provides more game play and customization on the game app see screenshots below for examples.
  • The show will be broadcast on Crackle, a Sony-owned site that broadcasts movies, TV shows and original web series content.

He did it with smarts—but also with a nearly flawless command of Jeopardy! The Jeopardy!

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Holzhauer does not jog. He blitzes the bottom of the board, where the hardest and most valuable clues reside. He staggers from category to category, stalking the invaluable Daily Double clues that let players bet any portion of their winnings to that point.

And he goes all in as often as he can.

Sony launches Sports Jeopardy!

And if you think he sounds more like a gambler describing his craft than a game show contestant, that's no coincidence: Holzhauer, a Nevada resident, bets on sports for a living. It's only money. His darting around the board is a variation of what's known among Jeopardy!

Holzhauer and other contemporary Jeopardy! And like Holzhauer, the previous single-game record holder, Roger Craig, also got there by betting it all when he had the chance.

Tournament of Champions. By pure chance, Cohen was in the audience for the taping of some of Holzhauer's episodes. Most people at that level do.

The 36 Questions James Holzhauer Got Wrong on ‘Jeopardy!’

Holzhauer spent several games at the beginning of his run engineering final tallies that commemorate special dates, but seems to have run out. His leads have so far been so comfortable that he can afford, literally, to get a little playful. During his entire run, he has given only 18 incorrect answers, according to The Jeopardy Fan , a site that has kept close track of Holzhauer's stats.

When he buzzes in, he's right 97 percent of the time. Since Jeopardy! Most Popular.

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