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Thursday, February 27, 2020 6:51:42 PM

You're not alone. This is a popular choice for many undergrads — and for good reason. Sports represents a multibillion-dollar a year industry, and millions of people every year fantasize about a possible future as a professional athlete.

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Students interested in working with sports teams, within sports retail, or for sports organizations gain essential business training and sports knowledge. By studying organizational behavior, accounting, and economics, learners develop critical-thinking and analytical tools needed to address financial and managerial aspects of the sports industry.

Sports Management Degree, Sports Degree available online or in

Online sports management degree coursework on theories and practices in sport prepare students to solve problems and make decisions related to athletes, athletic departments, and sporting organizations. Additional content on fitness, wellness, recreation, media, and human performance deepen understanding of how sports and society relate to one another and the role business plays in that context.

In a sports management degree online, students not only learn skills to advance their careers, they also develop quantitative and qualitative research skills, writing and communication proficiencies, and hands-on experiences applicable to graduate study.

While some of the online sports management degrees on our list come from elite, research universities and others from smaller, liberal arts schools, they all share similar ground in providing excellent education in sports management. These schools will prepare you for a successful career in business, administration, marketing, management, and more.

Sports Business Degree

To collate such an exhaustive and definitive list, we first researched the academic reputation of each program in the nation. And from there we examined student retention a reflection of student satisfaction , the early salaries of graduates, and the affordability of each program. What we concluded with is a list of those programs that are the absolute best in the nation at providing a foundational education in sports management.

  • The rising popularity of a number of sports will ensure that a degree in sports management is a sound decision for the business professional. Seeking an undergraduate degree in sports management will open up many opportunities in the fields of finance management, marketing, or sales for sporting goods manufactures, sports team franchises, parks and recreation departments, and intercollegiate athletics, just to name a few.
  • Some courses may lead to a certificate or professional credentials. They usually cover just one topic or subject.
  • Confidence How long will it take? Online programs for sports managers are available for all degree levels, including associates, bachelors, MBA and Master of Science and doctorate degree programs.
  • With a degree focused on sports, you'll be prepared to handle a number of areas of the business that come your way, like media, merchandising, hospitality, and facility and event management.
  • To meet the admission requirements for the M.
  • Create your own degree in sport Are you passionate about sport marketing and promotion? Would you like to learn more about how data is driving business decisions within sports teams and leagues?

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