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'Black Mirror' Trolls Eagle

Share this article Share 'I'd say you worry about money in a way you don't when you're poor. You worry about losing a significant amount of your money.

But you worry about losing much of your wealth. If you have money then you have money to lose and so you worry.

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I'm worried about people judging me for it, and expecting money from me and seeing me differently. A poster called Green admitted that they felt taken advantage of by relatives who automatically expect them to fund their lifestyle.

They described being wealthy as: 'Relatives or friends wanting to borrow money and resenting you for not helping when they really need it.

Twistytwistin found out who his real friends were after his family lost their money. Many people no longer wanted to be around him because he didn't pay for their drinks or expensive meals 'Helping out because of a medical emergency is one thing. Taking your kids to Legoland, then asking for money for the rent makes us wonder if you're playing us for a sucker,' they said.

Green said they resent relatives thinking: 'We can spend our money on fun things because we deserve it, and so-and-so will help out with the bills.

After all we're family. One Reddit user found that his friends drifted away when his family lost their money and he could not longer afford to pay for his friends to party 'They had to move away and completely cut off family members because they were constantly begging for money,' she said.


Money makes people crazy. It would be patronising to even offer to pay for it, unless you are very close to the person and the situation is pretty serious.

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It drives people away. There's a whole boarding school community, especially for us in the northeast of the US. I mean, in , I went on 15 planes. I've never not flown one year in my entire life.

He explained that his family used to be extremely wealthy, but had lost everything in a matter of days. I was heart broken because I legitimately thought they were my friends. And some of those "friends" have tried making their way into my life again.

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Sexbob-om said that her husband's family had been forced to cut relatives off because they were constantly begging for money Green said he resented giving handouts to family members who can't manage their own finances LoveCars explained that a wealthy acquaintance had been automatically expected to foot part of the bill for his niece's wedding 'Suddenly you can't relate anymore.

You both have problems, but they are very different kinds of problems.

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Kevinnnnn echoed the same sentiment, saying: 'It's that you're wearing nice clothes, driving nice cars, taking nice vacations, not stressing about the mortgage and they are living a completely different existence.

Wealthy Redditors explained that the more money you have, the more you fear losing it 'You feel awkward and out of place when you hang out with really good people that have serious money problems, and they see you buying really expensive stuff frequently,' he said. Kevinmmm has grown apart from his friends because they now have different interests Beaumontmax admits that money has caused family rifts because he expects loans to be paid back 'Or take small talk.

They'll ask what I did over the weekend. If I tell the truth and say I hired someone to re-do all my bathrooms, I'm showing off. Zenloz said that being rich makes you feel awkward and out of place when you're in the company of people who have serious money problems and they see you living a lavish lifestyle 'It can be difficult to turn those down, especially when they know you have money in excess.

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But agreeing to loan them money can also be problematic, especially if you are serious about having them pay it back. When is enough, enough? While admitting that it's great to have money, he describes it as also 'very stressful'.

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One poster admitted that he wouldn't tell potential girlfriends about his money 'In a weird way I became even more frugal and cautious,' he said, revealing that he still drives his old car, wears worn out jeans and eats cheap food several times a week. However, he admits that despite trying to be sensible he's had some moments of indulgence.

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I spent the next week playing with Lego. I recommend it. They just have no concept of what it means to not have the means to make a lot of really free choices.

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