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Former logo for NBC Sports, used from to During this era, NBC experimented with broadcasting emerging sports.

In , the network partnered with the World Wrestling Federation WWF to establish the XFL — a new football league which introduced modified rules and debuted to tremendous, but short-lived fanfare, only lasting one season NBC shared broadcast rights to the league's games, which were mainly held on Saturday nights, with UPN.

The network televised weekly games on a regional basis, as well as the entire playoffs. The deal lasted four years, after which the league and NBC parted ways. NBC televised the second half of the season and alternated coverage of the Daytona with Fox.

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The revenue-sharing deal called for the two sides to split advertising revenue after the network recouped the expenses. Games were supposed to begin airing on the network during the —05 season, however a league lockout that resulted in the cancellation of that season delayed the start of the contract until the second half of the —06 season.

NBC televised regular season games at first on Saturday afternoons before moving the telecast to Sundays, Saturday and Sunday afternoon playoff games, and up to five games of the Stanley Cup Final.

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  • Its programming consisted of hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure shows. In its early days, the channel reached around one million homes and found most of its carriage via the then-infant platforms of direct broadcast satellite services and digital cable.
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The following year's Winter Classic would become the most-watched regular season game in 34 years. As a result of the merger, the operations of Comcast's existing sports networks, such as Golf Channel and Versus , were merged into an entity known as the NBC Sports Group.

This included the broadcast of two regular season games, two playoff games, and two national team matches on NBC and 38 regular season games, three playoff games, and two national team matches on NBC Sports Network.

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The move was made mainly to take advantage of tax credits given by the state of Connecticut , which NBC has taken advantage of previously with the daytime talk shows of its sister broadcast syndication division. The contract included up to 24 regularly-scheduled games on NBCSN per-season, and up to 50 streaming.

NBC will televise eight races per-season beginning in , including the series flagship Indianapolis , with the remaining races airing on NBCSN as before.

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After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan , the United States and 64 other countries boycotted the event. NBC substantially scaled back its coverage and lost heavily in advertising revenue.

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Since then, it has branded itself as "America's Olympic Network", televising every Summer Olympic Games since the Seoul event, as well as every Winter Olympics since The Olympic Games have also become an integral part of the network, despite some recurring controversy over its method of tape delaying events in part to take advantage of a wider national audience in prime time.

The Games in Vancouver were watched by a total of million viewers, [28] including The new design was also intended to be modular, allowing it to be expanded for use in larger events across multiple networks such as the Super Bowl and the Olympic Games.

NBC producer Fred Gaudelli stated that the network wanted the Sunday night games to have a more distinctive presentation to set them apart from other games.

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