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This requires a lot of practice and getting to know your teammates well to reach these goals. The coach plays a vital part in laying the groundwork and keeping the team motivated. However, within the last few decades coaches are having more and more difficulties just to assemble a whole team, that are motivated to practice a few weekdays and play a match in the weekends.

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Points Leapfrog Ladder A leapfrog ladder is the classic competition commonly used in squash and racquet sports. Players or teams are free to choose who to play by challenging one another.

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If they win they take the loser's position and everyone below moves down a position, hence they leapfrog up the table. Winner v Loser Ladder A winner versus loser ladder uses a series of short rounds with fixtures and scheduling with swapping places for winning.

The winners of the previous round play the losers of the previous round and vice versa. This is good for competitions with large numbers of players so everyone is shuffled quickly.

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Points Ladder A points ladder is like a lite league with one division. Players use challenges to create matches and arrange their own dates. Admins can set the ladder to be 3 points for a win or an alternative points system.

They can also set up rounds for generating random fixtures.

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Mixed Doubles Ladder A mixed doubles ladder is a points based competition involving rounds of random doubles. Each round, players are assigned random pairings and then random matches are created for these doubles. It works best for larger competitions with preferably 16 or more players.

League A league is a standard competition table.

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Players are partitioned into divisions and matches are created for them fixtures in a round robin style for a long round or season. The fixtures can then be scheduled. The league can be set to 3 points for a win and altenatives, or a specialised system for the sport.

Watch some of the highlights of what Wotscore can do: Wotscore is free for up to 20 players. All features are available for the first month trial period after which it continues with some features limited.

Only administrators pay, it is always free to all players.

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