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Saturday, September 21, 2019 2:24:17 AM

It is the best mobile cricket game ever with thousands of players around the world. Manage your own team and take part in various cricket tournaments.

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Sometimes, we all relish in playing some entertaining cricket games, check out the latest information on particular websites, and watch the live streamed cricketing match when devoid of a television set. The app is available for both the Play store and App store.

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Despite the glitches and bad commentary, it was still deemed entertaining. World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most dynamic and best graphic cricket game for your phone, and available in iOS and Android.

The game can be played in all three formats — Test, ODI or T20 — across 32 world class stadiums with your favourite national and league team. The app also offers customisation options and multiple modes to play with.

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Maximise your shot selections, following in the steps of your favourite cricketers. Allowing coverage of not only the ICC matches in general, but also the thumping local and international premier leagues, it represents commentary, news, live game coverage and graphs to keep the fans in loop with whatever is taking place on the field.

World Cricket Championship 2 is the best mobile cricket game ever! With intense 3D graphics, breathtaking gameplay and scintillating animations, this game is the real deal when it comes to mobile cricket gaming.

Real Cricket The game is as close to real-life cricket as you can get. Each game starts with a small pre-match presentation, followed by a toss, and then the game itself. Nautilus, the Indian developer, seems to have tried to make Real Cricket 18 look and feel a lot like a live TV broadcast of a cricket match, allowing much better cricketing spots with improved animation of the entire match itself.

Cricket Championship

A challenging game in itself, real cricket keeps the player enthralled and addicted, enhancing the experience in a more competitive and volatile mode of multi-player, sending the heart racing for a victory by any means necessary.

Available on the iOS and Android, this is one game no fan should turn down.

Just like other major video streaming services, it showcases entertaining music and different sports channels and more, along with original contents produced under Bioscope Originals.

Fans and paid subscribers of Bioscope Prime will be glad to have the Cricket World Cup broadcasted on their favourite Deshi streaming service.

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