Buddy The Elf Snowball Fight Game Online

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 5:25:28 AM

See You Next Year! What is Elf on a Shelf? The concept of having a watchful elf in your home is relatively new — as recent as !

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Although most of us would love to be curled up in a ball on the couch watching Christmas movies in our pajamas and drinking hot chocolate, one thing stands in the way for college students: the end of the semester. The two week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break is a harder hump to get over than your typical Wednesday.

Let this list of Elf GIFs get you through the next two weeks — you can do it! Me: Break was nice, but I'm excited to be back and go out with friends. Homework: I'll put up a few decorations as a little study break.

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Me: Wait, so what do I need to study for this final? Prof: Everything is in the study guide. Me: I can't afford any distractions from studying.

Super Buddy Kick

I have to stay in. Friend: The first snowball fight of the year's happening now!

Buddy the Elf’s Snowball Fight

Me: Friends: Let's grab a small bite to eat at the dining hall before studying. Me: Me: I seriously have to stay in and study. Friends: But it's our last weekend to go out Me after more than one: Me: I should have studied more, but it's ok since it's not cumulative.

Friend: No, it's cumulative Me: Alright, I'm ready to kick this final's ass. First exam question: Roommate: Have you left the room at all this week? Me: No, I've been studying.

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Roommate: Friend: I only had one final on Monday! I get to go home early!!!

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Me: Me: Anything else I need to do before I turn my final in? Prof: That's it!

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  • About an adopted elf named buddy Who was raised in the North Pole? Buddy comes up to visit from time to time.
  • We push in on the book and it magically flips open to the first page: a drawing of small Papa Elf in his wonderful work shop.
  • They take two of my favorite things -- Christmas and movies -- and bring them together. It's no surprise then that I've seen more of them and given the genre more thought than the typical person.

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When Buddy discovers he's not really an elf, but a human raised by elves, he's determined to find his Dad.

Me barely surviving the end of the semester: Now go celebrate that well-deserved time off with a Hallmark Christmas classic and a cup of hot cocoa ; Keep Reading.

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