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Print this page Comments Argentine striker Carlos Tevez has become the first to be named South America's top football player for a third straight year. Tevez scored 20 goals to help lead Corinthians to its first Brazilian national title since The year-old Tevez received 77 votes in the annual poll of the continent's sports writers.

Services: cafe, no picnics, lockers available, strollers not allowed in museum but child carriers are provided, wheelchair accessible, changing tables in WC More info: www. I was pretty sure my family would have a great time, but I had low expectations for myself.

UK customers free to watch foreign language Premier League football, says EU legal adviser

But I ended up really enjoying the cultural, historical and design aspects of football highlighted throughout the museum, particularly elements focused on football culture for regular people rather than the big stars. Tip: Remember to hold on to your tickets.

The book including activities and questions corresponding to stations throughout the museum, encouraging them to learn a bit from the displays instead of just running from game to game. For example, at one station, kids find their countries football jersey in the rainbow then write down the countries displayed on the left and right.

At another, they match stickers in the book to the correct world cup competition. The activity book is best for kids that can read, but younger kids can enjoy it too with the help of an adult.

We should have gone earlier in the day so we had more time. The museum offers free Wi-fi so you can download and use the app during your visit. The app also includes a treasure hunt, where you answer seven questions throughout your visit. We all used the app during our visit and found the info helpful and interesting, particularly the video clips.

It was fun to see them all arranged by color, noticing the differences between them and all the little details in the patches and designs. My kids liked finding their favorite teams. The activity book asks the kids to draw their own jersey. Next, this wall shows the history of FIFA, how the rules have changed over the years, and important milestones in football history.

The activity book has the kids search for some info on the wall. Here the kids draw what the football pitch used to look like back in Each World Cup has a different design, but this design is what people most associate with football.

More exhibits are down these stairs, which were designed to look like you were entering a stadium. The activity book asks kids to look and listen for football words on this wall in whatever languages they understand.

Satellite watching

The theme is clear: football is a world sport, bringing together people from different cultures together. They are only brought out for the World Cup final game, where the winners get to hold it. Then the winners take home a replica and the original is locked up.

There are various info touch screens throughout the museum. My kids spent a lot of time on this one that projected the image on the wall as well. It showed various stats by country, world cup records, how many games played, how much FIFA spends supporting football in each country, etc.

Below my son practiced announcing a game and learned how hard that really is. Another screen let you try to referee a game, seeing if you can make the right call for various fouls and whatnot.

My boys were overconfident going in, then quickly realized what a difficult job the refs have. We laughed and laughed as we tried to copy the victory dances of different teams, like this Zombie Shuffle. Most of the museum is best for kids about 7 and over.

But if you have younger kids in tow, there are few things specifically for little ones, like the displays of mini mascots shown below. There was also this mix-n-match uniform spinner. At the end of this lower room, you enter a room to watch a 5 minute film with football highlights. Then you exit into elevators that take you up to the second floor.

There are several large video displays like the one shown below that tell personal stories. My favorite was about the man who loved football, but lost his eyesight as a boy. He learned how to play relying on his other sense and eventually joined a blind football league.

So inspiring! A close up of a few of my favorites. Pinball Games Now for the best part! When you enter the Pinball area, you first register by scanning your ticket at this machine. You will also scan your ticket at each station to play the game.

If you try to play twice in a row and other people are waiting, the system will require to you to wait a couple minutes before playing the game again.

There were also a few staff members in this area helping and fixing the games when problems arose. It was very well run.

Gomax sports tv

Try to kick the ball into the center loop, harder than you think. Corner kick — try to kick on ball into each goal by bouncing the ball off different places on the wall.

Target practice on the left and ball control on the right. Speed dribbling. The actual Pinball station is the last one, where you can use extra balls you earned during the other games.

You can play all the games as many times as you like. There are lots of art supplies, sample projects and coloring pages. During busy times, a staff member usually roams this area to help with the projects. By public transport: Take a train or tram to Bahnhof Zurich Enge.

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The museum is directly across from the train station. More info about parking lots in Zurich. Tickets A family ticket for 2 adults, 2 kids costs CHF 64 children under 6 free. Also, unlike other museums, there are no extra fees; the activity book, special pinball games and art corner are included.

Services Strollers and large bags are not allowed in the museum for security purposes. Cameras and small purses are allowed inside. There is no picnic area in the museum, but you can picnic outside at the big plaza across the street.

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