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I had, um, arranged to buy some pot. An armful. So I sat in my vacation rental and cleaned it. It took me a whole day. It was probably about an inch and a half in diameter and I would say eight inches long, maybe longer.

It was perfect, a perfectly rolled joint.

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It lasted the whole time I was there. Above: This booklet is from around Equally ironic is the fact that rolling papers are so closely associated with marijuana.

In fact, according to a Canadian study, the average tobacco smoker who rolls his own cigarettes consumes and-a-half sheets of rolling paper a day, whereas the average marijuana smoker consumes less than half a sheet.

The reason for the disparity is obvious when you think about it for a second or two—lots of people smoke a dozen cigarettes a day, but how many people do you know who smoke that many joints in a hour period? I learned my habits from the masters.

Back in the day, you bought a can of tobacco , a pack of rolling papers, and rolled your own.

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The trick was to roll a cigarette one-handed, because you had your other hand on the wheel or holding the reins of your horse.

I had a friend who could do it. I learned how to do it from an old cowboy after I broke my thumb 11 years ago. Kesselman was drawn to rolling papers by the magic tricks his father would perform with Marfil rolling papers when he was a kid. According to Kesselman, papermaking in Europe began in Alcoy in , brought to Spain by the Moors, who learned the practice from the Chinese.

A lot of times they would recycle linens and rags, clothing-type stuff, anything that had fiber in it. These very rare booklets date from to After tobacco was introduced to Spain from the New World in the s, a tobacco trade developed in Europe in the s.

The aristocrats smoked Tommy Chong-size cigars, rolled in palm and tobacco leaves. When they were done smoking these enormous stogies, they would toss the butts on the ground, where peasants would pick them up, take them apart, and reroll what was left in small scraps of newspaper.

They were smoking paper that had lead and cadmium and God only knows what in that ink, which would have been running all over their hands.

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Pay-Pay exported its first rolling papers from Alcoy in This booket is probably from the early part of the 20th century. The acacia gum [also known as gum arabic] comes from Ethiopia and Sudan, and all the fibers [hemp, flax, rice] come from India overland.

There, you can sit on a mountainside where you can pick olives or almonds off trees planted by the Moors. The colorful booklet at top is from The one of the hunter shooting the polar bear below it is from Being the only rolling-paper producer in town is not without its advantages.

Well, we go back to the old ways. We set up an old factory room the way it was done back in the early-to-mid s, and fill it with a bunch of Spanish ladies, some guys but mostly ladies, who have these little wooden tools that hold the pack open so you can slip the paper in and kind of flip it over.

The paper you write on, the paper you print on, the paper you use for toilet paper, anything like that, none of it releases energy.

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And when the sheet was out of the booklet, you would know where it came from. Originally it was just for that. I really try to connect with it. And I noticed that the embers were following the watermark in a certain way, that the watermark was affecting the burn, making it canoe or run.

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So I started experimenting. At first I tried to approach the way a scientist would. So I tried a cube pattern, and that made it run even more. Rather than trying to control the flame, Kesselman realized that it might be better to try to guide it, similar to dancing with a partner.

I also added hard stops every centimeter or so.

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Doing that allowed the ember to dance the way it wanted to dance, to give it the freedom to go left, go right, but in the end, always kind of end up back at center. They are making these cigarettes in the guise of saving people from burning themselves up in their beds by falling asleep smoking.

But the only reason this is being done is because the largest cigarette-paper supplier in the world has a patent on fire-safe cigarette paper, and they lobbied to get these laws passed. Yet it does make this very large paper company a lot of money. He, too, is in business, and makes no bones about it, but more than most enterprises, his business involves giving consumers control of their habits and in the case of tobacco, their addictions , going so far as to offer tobacco seeds to his rolling-paper customers.

It produces these beautiful white flowers, and it kills any bug that bites it. A toxin, which, of course, he smokes. But there is pleasure in smoking or else people would not do it.

The comedy duo is currently touring again. Marijuana is a plant and a medicine.

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It should not be subject to tax and it should not be subject to patents, which is what the big companies are looking for. You can patent a process, but in weed there is no process.

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You grow it, you harvest it, you smoke it. Simply put, these days, a joint is just too much. Cheech and Chong's album opened like a rolling-paper booklet and even featured a rolling-paper sheet watermarked with a picture of the duo on it.

A flat-folder-style booklet from A handsome portrait from This hardback booklet from shows the Principality of Asturias on the northern coast of Spain.

This rare beauty is from The art on this booklet from appears designed for football fans. Bullfighting is a common theme on booklets. Each of these booklets contains sheets, or hojas, which means leaves. The Ambar booklet on the left is from , the one on the right is from The booklet on the left from is relatively common while the undated one on the right is very rare.

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This long-folder-style booklet is from Sometimes the type on rolling-paper booklets was treated in an almost iconic manner.

Quinto is from , Numero Uno is from This booklet was made in Spain for sale in Argentina. A booklet showing a woman enjoying a cigarette, from Another Spanish-made booklet, only this one is made for export to Uruguay.

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