Pepperell High School Football Stream

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AHSAA Super 7 Football Championships

Pepperell High School

Rate It! Pepperell High School is a highly involved community driven school. They are always looking for ways to give back to the Lindale community.

By Andrew Jacobs Jan.

In addition, Pepperell is known for its high test scores, and achieves some of the highest SAT and standardized test scores in North-East Georgia. They excel in both sports and the arts, and strive for excellence in everything they do.

Pepperell high football schedule

Most of these achievements are made possible by the amazing faculty and staff that goes above and beyond for every student who walks through the doors. Go Dragons!

When I transferred from another district to Pepperell, I realized how far behind I actually was.

  • Stay on College St. At second light approx.
  • Asia Simone Burns , The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Floyd County police have arrested two juvenile boys they say broke into a high school concession stand and trashed it Sunday night. The year-olds are eighth graders in the Pepperell school district, Floyd police spokesman Sgt.
  • They either won by at least two touchdowns or lost by at least two touchdowns. We, as coaches, then challenged our seniors, and the next game we came out with a good win versus Heritage High School.
  • A year later, Capt.
  • I would watch my older brother play and all I wanted to do was be on the field.
  • Lovell received two nominations to the Naval Academy this past year.

Since becoming a Dragon, I have been able to realize my full potential. I tested and was accepted into the Gifted program.

Through this, I have made all my best friends that I have had since middle school. Through my good grades and a good reputation, I have been able to attend Movie festivals, help run and create a fully functional coffee shop through a local coffee shop in our small town.

I am beyond thankful for the amazing opportunities Pepperell has offered me.

Early years[ edit ] Dixon was a grade A student at Pepperell High School and excelled on the football field to the point where he had been offered a full scholarship at Vanderbilt University , which he was unable to undertake due to his subsequent imprisonment. College career[ edit ] Upon his release from prison Dixon enrolled at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia with a football scholarship.

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