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Let's examine each system separately. Television studio Television control room is designed to form a TV program, to output the resulting image to the video screens of the stadium and to broadcast it in the local IPTV network.

Besides, the system is aimed at the recording of the events held.

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The installed equipment is multi-format and fully digital, which ensures high quality of the image. Reception and mixing of video signals from cameras for output to the multimedia video display of the arena is carried out in HD-SDI format.

The Guramex GVM video switcher allows generating two programs. The video tract of both programs is based on a duplicated circuit primary and backup with conservation of the key elements of the broadcast tract. In the studio non-linear editing based on Apple and Adobe systems can be carried out; there are two editing stations with a 32 TB disk array.

Stadium HD synthetic turf

The video image is controlled by two multi-screen processors - Grass Valley Kaleido-XD and the one built into the switcher. In the control room the seven-channel slow-motion server EVS is installed, thanks to which you can review all the key moments of the match from different points.

There is also an integration server with a system of video transmission to the mobile devices. The C-Cast platform is used to deliver the content including multi-camera to the mobile devices on the air with minimal delay. Thanks to C-Cast viewers can get access to the replay of the chosen moments and alternative shooting angles right during the game, using for this only the devices of the second screen - smartphones and pads.

The TV control room allows creating your own TV program. The equipment installed there makes it possible to arrange completely independent work during sports and concert events without using the OB van.

Temple of football. Television system of FC Krasnodar stadium

Service communication between the directors, the cameramen, the audio operators of the stadium and the operator of the media screen is provided by the digital system Clear-Com Eclipse-HX-PICO.

The design of workplaces in the studio is implemented taking into account the condition of maximum accessibility of control bodies and ability of broadcasting by one or two operators. All in all, there are eight workstations in the control room. This system provides using microphones installed around the perimeter of the field and on the sites of some cameras.

The formation of an upsound for the main program is carried out in the OB van.

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Besides, there is also the possibility of forming a separate signal for solving local tasks of FC Krasnodar. To transmit the signal from remote microphones, three sets of Telecast fiber-optic converters are used, with the help of which up to 48 audio channels are transmitted to the BCA and TOC.

Positions of commentators In total there are 31 positions for TV and radio commentators of matches. On the tribune of the media more than 90 people can be placed, three for each position two commentators and a guest.

The system includes equipment for the work of two permanent commentators. There is an infrastructure for 29 temporary commentary positions. Each stationary place of the commentator is equipped with a console of AEQ Olympia CU, three headsets, two control video monitors and a patch panel. From here the signal is distributed through the commentary control room.

One monitor displays a picture from the OB van, the second - a broadcast TV signal, so that commentators can monitor the course of the game and simultaneously observe the events occurring on the field. The system provides switching of commentator consoles, output to external communication lines and interface with the adjacent systems.

To ensure the distribution of the video signal for terrestrial television for permanent and temporary positions, the system includes the head-end station DVB-C, as well as a set of distribution network equipment.

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System of technological television The system of technological television is a set of television cameras for the formation of a HD-SDI broadcast quality signal for the TV control room of the stadium when operating in a shooting mode without OB van, and also in the ENG mode.

Three camcorders are part of the ENG with all the necessary camera equipment. One camera is supplied in a studio complete set. The special robotic motion system Robycam 3D spider-camera system , which is a part of the arsenal of the stadium, provides true dynamics to the broadcasting.

Not all stadiums are equipped with such a system. The system is run by the operators who have been trained and certified by the manufacturer.

Control of all the cameras and image control is carried out from the workplaces of the director and the video engineer in the studio.

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The cameras can be placed on the TV-platforms in the arena space, in the studio premises of the stadium, as well as in the flash interview areas, in the mixed zone and in the press conference room.

Transmission of video signals to the studio is carried out via fiber-optic communication lines. Passive TV broadcasting system Passive TV broadcasting system is designed for connection of the equipment and transmission of the signals from the OB van during the broadcasts of the events that take place on the territory of the stadium, as well as for connecting the equipment from the technological television systems including "spider camera" and upsound system and for video and sound exchange lines of the television control room of the stadium with the adjacent systems and the connection terminal of the OB van.

From the stadium to the parking lot of the OB van, a high-definition signal can be transmitted through 32 hybrid-optical and 32 triaxial camera channels simultaneously. This node contains the necessary manual patch panels, thanks to which the necessary switching is made for the signal receivers.

The OB van can receive and use signals from the video cameras of the technological TV, as well as signals from the television control room. The location of all TV boxes and their number are determined in accordance with the requirements of UEFA and also agreed with the main broadcaster of sports programs.

Hall for press conferences The hall for press conferences is intended for arranging meetings of journalists with coaches and players of teams before a match, as well as for holding in-club meetings, conferences, etc.

Any event that takes place there can be broadcast live either on the club's website or on any other Internet resources. Broadcasts are available in high or standard definition, as well as in various languages with high-quality audio tracks.

The hall is equipped with video cameras, including those with remote control, and equipment for simultaneous interpretation. The mixing console is the central device of the sound system. In the hall for press conferences several points of connection of external sources of video and audio signals laptop, document camera, video camera, etc.

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A wireless system of simultaneous translation into three languages is integrated with the conference system. For these purposes fully equipped interpreters' cabins with the monitors of the technological TV are provided.

To display video and graphic information in the premises of the press center, a Full HD multimedia projector and a projection screen are installed. It is also possible to use two additional mobile LCD monitors. If necessary, a videoconference can be organized - for this purpose the equipment set of Cisco Telepresence is in the arsenal of the press center.

For carrying out TV shooting of press conferences, flash interview zone and mixed zones during TV shooting, there is a special lighting kit built on the basis of LED lamps manufactured by Litepanels.

Suspension of the light equipment is carried out on the ceiling tracks. We have designed and implemented the complex of media systems of the FC Krasnodar stadium in such a way that everyone is comfortable: television crews, stadium staff, spectators and security services.

At the same time, the minimum number of personnel can serve all equipment in the stadium.

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