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With TV only: Sky Oliver M, via email Sky Sports is the go-to service for fans of footie, cricket, rugby, and golf alike - but heaven knows it ain't cheap, and all the options get a bit complicated. So what's the lowest cost, simplest way to get Sky Sports on your TV? In this guide, we'll have a trawl through all the available packages. But first, bear in mind throughout this guide that prices change fairly regularly - providers often launch special offers that can change the landscape considerable.

How to live stream Premier League football and watch in 4K

Sports Day Pass is useful Against Buffering can be an issue Occasional outages No Full HD p is the maximum If you've been enviously weighing up Sky's impressive library of content, but can't afford a full satellite service, then Now TV might be the streaming solution you need. It's not quite as complete a service as the full Sky offering, but in many ways it's much more complete than other streaming services out there.

It has a couple of issues. The service is split into four different 'passes', and subscribing to more than one can get expensive quickly.

Content can come and go quite abruptly too, and the final negative is that resolution is limited to p. That said, it does have some massive strengths too. It's much more flexible than a traditional satellite subscription, for example. You can pay for as little as just one day's content in some cases, which is a world away from the multi-month contracts you'll find with traditional packages.

With Now TV, you get access to Sky's exclusive sports content and film channels, and can keep up to date with some of the best entertainment telly around, while paying a lower price.

  • You can find a full list of the world's broadcasters with rights to show live Premier League football here.
  • Advertisement Fresh off the back of streaming the final season of Game of Thrones, it continues to bolster its library with new and classic shows from HBO, live sports and first runs from the very best film releases.
  • Where can I buy it? But you can buy these events separately and watch them with the Sky Sports Box Office app.
  • I'm new to Now TV having just signed up about a week ago and am thoroughly enjoying this app with the wide range of channels including a few of my old favourites that were discontinued from my previous service provider. I know that it's early days yet but I don't forsee any problems such as that which seem to plague other users according to the posted reviews.
  • Read on for our guide to everything you can get as part of Now TV, and the features that this service offers.
  • Which means you then need to head back, re-open the app and locate where you were when you hit home.

That mix-and-match approach gives it an edge over its rivals. There is such an abundance of content, keep checking back to this review to see if anything has changed before you buy.

As always we will keep it updated so you can make an informed buying choice.

  • What channels are on NOW TV?
  • Goal! Be One Nil Up with 40% off a 10 Month Sky Sports Now TV Pass

So is Now TV right for you? And if so, what's the best way to watch it? Read on to find out Now TV offers timed chunks culled from Sky's various subscription channels, and for many, the biggest lure will be the movie package.

New subscribers get a 7-day free trial for the movie service, which then migrates to a monthly fee. This auto-renews, but you can cut the chord at any time, without penalty.

Once the 7-day free trial is up, then the price for content differs depending on what you want.

BT Today : BT and Sky

And then there is the super-expensive Sports Pass. These passes can look expensive, but you can frequently find multi-month deals which will save you a lot of money. Check out our guide to the best Now TV deals for an updated guide.

Splitting the service into these four strands is a good idea, as long as you know what you want to watch. And that is both the beauty of this service and the frustrating side.

Play it right and you can pay for the Entertainment Pass when all the big-ticket shows are on. Play it wrong and you could be paying for a month of content you don't really want. The same goes for movies. Time your buy-in correctly and you can take big advantage of the broadcaster's comprehensive Hollywood deals, enjoying everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Now TV also curates special Collections, such as Monsters, War and Christmas when it's that time of the year , and also gets actors to curate lists of their best movies.

Full Now TV through the YouView box

There's also a healthy selection of boxsets to gorge on. The list is ever-changing though, so it's always worth double-checking the Now TV website. The best TV shows you can stream right now.

While you can watch live streams of select channels, not all programming appears, due to rights limitations. Similarly, boxset availability will churn. Sky has made 13 of its channels available through Now TV. Typically users have two ways to catch hot shows: either as they're broadcast or from the On Demand library; Featured programmes tend to appear within 24 hours of transmission.

One of the frustrating things about the Now TV service is just how quickly its content disappears from the service. To Sky's credit it does have a Leaving Soon section, but if you miss an episode of, say, The Leftovers, then the maximum you would have to catch up is two weeks.

After that episode one would disappear, then the other in that sort of regularity.

can i watch olympic womens hockey final today

This means that either you watch these shows like clockwork week-on-week, or that you binge watch in a rather short space of time. Each episode is given a day countdown, so at least Sky is trying to make viewers aware of when things will disappear. Whichever pass you use they allow you to view all seven Sky Sports channels for the allotted time you have paid for.

There's no denying that sports is expensive through the Now TV service, but the idea it is an event purchase, not necessarily a daily one.

Now TV Sky Sports Mobile Pass gives you live footy for £

And Sky is hoping that the fee is split between a group of people watching a big match. The ticket price is good value if you're not looking for a long term sporting commitment.

Get some mates around, combine resources, and off you go.

Sky Sports Racing Live Stream

If you would rather just a daily update of sports news, then you can also watch Sky Sports News HQ through the app on the Sky Now TV box - this app is unlocked with any pass, not just a Sports one.

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